Role Queue Update

why have you lied about role que beta season sr not mattering whats the point of lying to your community “The results of your matches in the Role Queue Beta are not being thrown out and will be used by the matchmaking systems to help determine your skill in season 18.”


why is it labelled a beta then? that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.


…he literally just said the results for this competitive season aren’t being thrown out.


He just said the stats were thrown out… Like, reread it? Rofl.

Good to know my 600 SR drop will count towards the next season lmfao. Absolutely killed my interest in playing comp being stuck in a rank where I don’t belong.


My guess is those results are being averaged together, as a range of data. But not applied to your account specifically.

Just a bunch of datapoints in a scatterplot with 20x variables.

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Role Queue has made this game so much more toxic. Pre-Role Queue, if there was a leaver the team could adjust to at least put up a fair fight. Did we always win? No, but we at least had a chance. Close to half of my games played since Role Queue rolled out has had a leaver, usually it’s a dps. It is nearly impossible to recover from a lost player when you can’t rearrange your team. Either Role Queue needs to allow changing roles in the event you have a leaver, or there needs to be drastic reductions to SR lost when a team has a leaver. I’m done playing until something changes. This update has taken nearly all the fun of playing this game from me. A majority of people in the games I play agree with me.


Yet still puts gold players agains diamond players
Such balanced sr rating i must say.


It tries its best with those 3 to 6 minute queues for “most” players.

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How about you reread it before trying to be a smart@ ?

They could make it so the two players who would be least problematic, get their roles unlocked if you get a leaver.

With +1 unlock per leaver after that.


I genuinely have no clue what your problem is, but he plainly and directly confirms the stats are temporary.

he says the rank is effected. so if someone who just climbed/dropped during beta because more then half the community didn’t play they get rewarded/punished for TESTING 2-2-2 which was the whole point of the beta


But the results of this season as far as your sr aren’t he painfully said as much. Youre the one starting crap here and ignoring that tidbit.

Excuse me? Are you deliberately trying to kill the game now?


Personally, I think if they allowed the tanks to switch roles in the event of a leaver it would be way more balanced. One tank continues being a shield tank and one fills. They could still implement restrictions that make it so only 2 of each role can be filled at a time. That would prevent both tanks from swapping to roles other than tank when there are leavers.

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I am not ignoring it. I just do not care about that. I care about the stats and that is why I was not taking the season seriously.

when all of high rank that isnt boosted doesnt like a decision maybe you should keep that in mind


The results of your matches in the Role Queue Beta are not being thrown out and will be used by the matchmaking systems to help determine your skill in season 18.

Are you trolling, or actually ignorant? Only the tab for role queue beta in the drop down is being thrown out. The results of your matches in the beta are still going to affect the next season, 18.


Yeah, but what if that Platinum tank, is secretly a GM Damage player.

That’s why I figure to weight it on which player would be least “problematic” in that way.