Role Queue for Quick Play? Bad decision

Indeed. And “classic” should be the default and the Role Queue part of the arcade.

QP was playable before. Toxic people will be toxic everywhere. People will argue and whine no matter what happens. Player freedom shouldn’t have to suffer because of it.

QP before role queue was utter garbage. QP Classic is trash, too.


Comp has role queue, so regular Quickplay should as well. They try to have QP be very close to comp.

Old Quickplay was not fine for many, many people.


My experience has been the polar opposite. Even my losses aren’t as frustrating because they’re actually close games nine times out of ten. I still see the occasional stomp in either direction, of course, but it was much worse pre-2-2-2.


You should tell that to the people I get matched with. 90% of my qp classic matches have at least 1 person complaining about team comp.

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I never had a problem with it.

RQ isn’t fine for many. Check out the responses to this thread, for examples.

Probably the genuine flex players trying to hold onto their flexing playstyle, begging the “i play what I want. It’s just QP, who cares about team comp” crowd to be cooperative. Which is a fool’s errand.

Most of them will eventually either give that up and mostly play role queue or quit, because being a flex player in that mess is just asking for a bad time. And all that will be left are the trolls. Same thing happened to No Limits.

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Which is why there are two options.

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no how bout qp matches comp so people can have a place to prepare for it.

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I liked No Limits :frowning:

TBH, it seems like this game is becoming more and more restrictive and losing what made it fun.


One lady’s restrictive and unfun is another one’s balanced and structured.

I hope they add a role queue less version of comp so that you guys can get a full experience. But I hope they continue to view 222 as the main mode and they treat it as such.

I agree the highs aren’t quite as high, but I find I overall have higher quality matches and more fun as a result, personally. Even the losses feel better.


…and as I said, that needs to be an option - and not the default. Many of us, like myself, play QP/Arcade and don’t touch competitive.

@Venus, and I’m happy for you. But this restriction feels like hands on the throat about to squeeze out the little fun this game had left. I think Blizzard is more interested in catering to the “pro” players more than those of us who just want to have fun.

Nah I dont think so. You’re the one who should be embrassed for making such thread when you couldve just go play QP classic in arcade.

Did you really thought that this thread of yours could get you anywhere?

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Does it really matter if it’s the default if there’s an option that’s exactly what you want?

I’m glad you don’t think so. You’re free to your opinion. :slight_smile: But…


please tell why you wouldnt wont that qp, comp, and owl to look dress right dress?

A large portion of people that are playing qpc are people that share your opinion. This is simply how they play and what they want to do with their freedom.

QPC lost the people who filled because they felt pressured to do it and not because they wanted to do it. There is no way to get those people back into doing it.

They aren’t playing those roles in QPC because they don’t want to play it.



And why do you linked someone elses thread in a hope that i’d read it?

Can you actually try to give proper arguements than this?

Anyways… 222’s here to stay regardless if you threw temper tantrums or disliked it beeing in qp.

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Hey, if you don’t want to read, that’s on you. :slight_smile: As you wish.

No one is throwing temper tantrums. But your condescension is noted. Thank you.

I think they want to keep adding nails to the coffin for OW so they can really make OW mobile shine when they reveal it at Blizzcon.

The person talking about temper tantrums just likes to project, they are drawn to threads like these like a moth to the flame.