Role Queue/222/New Features - Q&A

Hello everyone, today is a busy news day obviously. Information is being announced through all sorts of channels so for the next day I will try to track key important questions here (with unanswered questions at the top).


UNANSWERED: Will Quick Play Classic always be available in the arcade?

UNANSWERED: How do leavers affect Competitive with the new Role Lock System?

UNANSWERED: Is there any further restrictions to grouping up when queueing in the new role queue system?

UNANSWERED: Will Quick Play Classic be able to earn achievements?

UNANSWERED: Will the Looking for Group tool still exist and be used?


Will there be a MMR Reset when Role Queue goes live?
No. Josh Noh answered this in another thread:

How will SR Decay work with Role Queue?
Jeff Kaplan answered during an interview with Seagull that SR Decay for Diamond and higher players will no longer be applied at this time.

Will there ever be hero bans for Overwatch?
Jeff Kaplan answered during an interview with Seagull that hero bans are still something they believe is not a good solution for Overwatch.

Will there ever be map vetos or bans?
Jeff Kaplan answered during an interview with Seagull that Map Vetos or Bans is not expected to become something for Overwatch, but he does anticipate very soon the Competitive Mode map pool will start to have seasons with reduced map pools like that of Overwatch League.

What is the Overwatch Team going to do about Smurfs (players deliberately playing below their true skill rating)?
Jeff Kaplan answered during an interview with Seagull that there will be more enforcement to identify and remove smurfs from the game and there is a dedicated team at Blizzard working to accomplish this.


If any of you have questions that I have missed, please let me know. I am trying to build the list as fast as possible. Please try to keep it to “technical or game rule questions” and not so much of “Why is this a good thing?” questions.

Is 2-2-2 lock worth it considering the tons of comps that cannot be anymore? rip 3-3 which was really cool to see for a season. Rip flex players, rip role swaps mid game. Is it worth it?

Please take the time to watch the later parts of Developer Update Video for more details on why this is going to be a positive change in our community:

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In QP, achievements can be earned. In arcade, achievements cant generally be earned. QP Classic is supposed to provide the same experience as current QP. as such, will it be possible to earn achievements in QP Classic?

In QP, MMR is maintained so that a low ability player doesnt face a high ability player. Arcade games dont seem to respect MMR. QP Classic is supposed to provide the same experience as current QP. Will QP Classic maintain MMR?

(and is it permanent, which is already on the questions list in the OP. It needs to be permanent to truly replace current QP)

side note: This is not a positive change for all of us. Certainly not for me. Quite the opposite.

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This is not exactly true. The current quick play MMR used a seperate MMR from that of Competitive. Furthermore, there was looser matchmaking limits and there was no true group up or pairing restrictions like there is in Competitive. I myself (a Gold rank player) face against several Diamond and higher ranked players in my Quick Play games. Arcade MMR works the same way as Quick Play but with a lesser player pool in those games, the variations of skill naturally increase.

Thank you for adding 1 of my 2 questions to the master list of unanswered questions in the OP

All I know if that I often get matched against very high skill players in arcade games sometimes, and the discrepancy (difference in SR/MMR/ability) seems to be much much higher in arcade than it is in QP

a group of 6 friends start Overwatch on their 6 xboxes

they form a party on xbox

they then queue for rolequeue-enabled game

they each queue for 1 role and the combination of the roles queued for isnt 2-2-2 (example: all 6 queue for tank)

what happens?

I am guessing they remaining queuing infinitely (with no “you cant do this, folks” message), as they can never as a party enter a 2-2-2 game

I’ve posted a thread about MMR/SR issues related to Role Queue:

WyomingMyst, feel free to copy from this as desired.

I am going to be adding a new question to the list, which is “Will the Looking for Group tool still exist and be used?” The current PTR patch does not show it enabled but that is not necessarily an indication they have permanently removed it.

I have decided to move this topic to the PTR feedback thread for better exposure. Right now I am observing some interesting things involving leavers in PTR Competitive Matches though I need more testing on this.

  • The Leaver Layover Clock for Role Queue Beta Competitive has been reduced to the arcade Competitive window of 15 seconds. This means leavers only have 15 seconds to return to a match without getting penalized and any remaining teammates can leave a match (by option of forfeit) without penalty after only 15 seconds. Right now I am assuming this is for the purpose of the Role Queue Beta and when Season 18 begins, the leaver layover clock will return to 2 minutes.
  • Leaving a match by option of forfeit tends to have conservative SR losses. While winning a match where the opponents have a leaver tend to have low SR gains. I am suspecting the old SR handicap rule has been reinstated, but I have to remember that the PTR is going to vary greatly for matchmaking quality and SR adjustments. However if there are known adjustments to leavers, I’d like to know about them

Do they anticipate ult accounts will fade away? No need to have separate accounts for different roles With role queue.

I’m a diamond border player who is also a flex player. I often SWITCH ROLES in an effort to carry the inevitable level 25 you put on my team who doesn’t know how to play. Your SR system is broken and punishes older accounts, like mine. You also GREATLY punish me when I queue with friends. Suddenly, my silver three-stack is playing plat-level games against silver players who are either account-sharing or smurfing. This is my comp existence. This is why I don’t play a lot of comp, which is why I don’t climb. It’s painful. Comp is not fun. Never has been. And it’s worse on the PTR.

The other day, in the PTR, our two healers went OFF healers and we didn’t have enough healing against the account-sharing Tracer (silver account, but Tracer who played like a Master’s player - yes, I have enough experience in this game to identify someone’s skill level), and I couldn’t switch roles to help my team beat that Tracer, and our new off-healers wouldn’t switch to Moira or another character, and they probably didn’t have the experience or awareness to give that Tracer a run for her money, whereas I do.

You STILL aren’t addressing what we experienced players have been complaining about for all these years. Fix your matchmaking and award SR based on one’s ability to play the payload and actually counter. Screw stats like accuracy. A silver McCree has the same accuracy as a Plat McCree; the difference is positioning.

Also, if I"m constantly being focused by three people, that means that I’m probably effective and that should be accounted for. I get hyper focused a lot by the enemy and I still manage to stay alive and keep my team alive, but there’s not algorithm awarding me for that.

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How do you suggest ranking for positioning lol. Optimal position depends on a multiple variables. You put 10 GMs in a room and show them a 10 second clip (eg. Where to stand as Ana) you will likely get 10 different answers. And you are plain wrong that a silver and plat Mccree have the same aim. Honestly is this post for real.

Um, no.Positioning is different, but to say their accuracy is the same is just false. Bronze-Platinum, you are learning mechanics and refining them as you go higher. Once one hits diamond, it really becomes about game sense and “big brain” plays.

The main question I have is regarding quick play. If I select multiple roles to queue, will those roles be randomized between each match, or, eg, if they select me at dps on the first match, I’ll be stuck as dps until I leave and requeue again?

I’m waiting until PTR gets the quick play role queue before I can expect an answer for that.

Quick Play no longer cycles into the next match, you will have to requeue after every match.

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That’s terrible.

But it’s an answer. Not one I like, but an answer nonetheless. Thanks.

In today’s live game, player behavior typically does not allow games to roll over anymore into the next match anyways because everyone who loses typically rage quits.

I grouped w/ my team (6 stack). I am 1 rank different between each role. Depending on who selected what role, other roles would become unavailable to me.

I heard from my coach that top level players (not sure if it was GM or top 500) can only duo queue in comp. I don’t have any official confirmation though.