Role Que has ruined overwatch

Doesn’t help that there aren’t enough characters in certain categories to really allow for hero pools and the like to do anything but make thing more annoying. Also, I vaguely recall something about Jeff stating that hero pools being a thing wasn’t a surefire cut and dried yes. It was more of an idea they were gonna field in OWL first, and then try on the main game with that Experimental play mode.

This is more a problem with Blizzard’s apprehension around resetting MMR or just more drastically affecting SR on alternate roles. This harms the people playing their off-roles too, because imagine you want to play a different role, something that Role Queue was meant to heavily enable, but you still end up being put too high and getting flamed. Its bad for everyone, but not an inherent problem with Role Queue, which frankly fixed way more problems than it solved and the fact that people still complain about it shows how short-sighted and entitled this community can be. Yes this is a problem, but saying it should be reverted is only going to be a step backwards. The game is better now.

honestly im forced to play roles i’m not good at (tank) just because dps takes 15 mins, i just want to play comp but 15 minutes is way too much

Infact for whole 3 year the game somehow survived. The game was better before, facts.
Especially in QP, a game needs to be fun, not a tryhard everytime, and 90% of the games, are often unbalanced and unfun to play anyway. Game is a completly mess. No one is playing anymore infact. The playerbase is probably the 10% of 1 year ago. If Brigette completly killed my “friend” list, this update completly annihilated the game.


It wasn’t that rare. I hade it every 3 or 4 games.
But it doesn’t matter. If it were not 5 dps then we had at least one dps playing tank and one playing healer. And because we didn’t have role based ranks those actually dps players in wrong roles ruined the game more than dps players picking other roles today, for obvious reasons.

Now they drop in rank with their off roles instead of keeping that up with their main role and are getting where they belong to on that role.

So role queue with seprated ranking is the way to go. The only problem though is 222 wihle 75% of the player base are dps players and actually only occasionally want to play other roles. THAT ruined the game for those 75% of the players, including me.

After one season waiting 15-20min in between, even when queued with a tank or healer friend i lost my patience.

Here is jeff saying 2 tanks wasn’t common. I never said we had no tanks at all. I just said 3-4 dps wasn’t rare otherwise that last sentence was a lie.

How could 222 be common if 2 tanks wasn’t? Why are we surprised about having 2 tanks if it was common? That doesn’t make any sense.

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this is why we need 1-3-2, nobody knows how to tank anymore, people just dodging queue times

You have its called QPC - but let me ask - did you really enjoy solo tanking? I find that hard to believe personally and this is just isn’t a contrived excuse to rant on 2-2-2.

FWIW, when I tank and see poor DPS play and see they are a tanker… :roll_eyes:

But here’s the best part - if they are in your team then their skill is relatively close to yours for that role… maybe, just maybe, you’re not quite as good as you think? The problem isn’t 2-2-2 per se, its the what it appears to be up to 2000 MMR range grouping in QP. What do you expect? You could literally be almost Plat and matched with a Silver tank because the rest of your team is a balanced to fight the other, who might say get a Plat Support and a couple silver tanks…

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Because good luck moving the entire playerbase into the custom games. Custom games is a non answer and you know it.

You don’t need a main tank to win


Huh, so we are back again?

Number one reason why we need role queue:
The insane amount tension and toxicity we had.
Me, a support main, made an DPS only alt account.
Nearly every match I got attacked in voice, in chat, someone exploded.
Was it fun? No
Was it fun to play on my support main account as solo support? No
Is solo role any fun for the majority of the playerbase? No

It’s not all about role Q, but role Q without enough characters for tanks and supports

LOL as If this wasn’t a problem before role queue. Half the players would flex to fill the comp. on average every game had 3-4 dps players, sometimes more, but you don’t see 4 dps EVERY game, because most of them will fill to fit the comp.

It was just as dumb, dps mains trying to play tank or support making the experience boring for the rest of us, but their actions were in good intention.

Now, there’s less of that because players get to play the hero they want to play by queueing up for it. Now the people that play off roles and feed are called throwers.

TLDR: the problem was much worse before role queue. Now, whoever does this and feeds are just throwers.

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You could have two off tanks and still win. This is why those that don’t focus on victory shouldn’t have an opinion. Its not about what can you do but how much resistance you need to push through to do it. And here’s a tip, all that resistance shouldn’t be self imposed if you can help it.

I’m no fan of role queue either but mains of other roles being on roles outside their main isn’t any more of a problem than it’s ever been. People don’t have to stick to the role they have the most time on. For example, I can and do play everything well but my profile looks like I’m a tank main. That’s because I queue for all three roles and mostly get put on tank. Quit going through people’s stats and you’ll have a better time.

His statement doesn’t imply it was favored. There are many players that do not like solo tanking for example; Jeff even spoke on that point as a con to 1/3/2.

Those that are for role queue are saying that sticking with how it was would have been a worse choice to make. Today, people are angry that Blizzard couldn’t come up with a better solution that wasn’t role queue or allowed for the continuation of pre-role queue.

You can have role que, or you can have a rock paper scissor game where you are expected to swap heroes and roles to counter enemy heroes, roles and team comp

oh wait

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I don’t think there’s anything Blizzard can do to fix players refusing to build team comps responsibly. We have all the tools to do that (especially before role queue) and too many people decided not to. The game’s great when it’s played correctly.

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Many players that don’t like role queue loved being able to fall on the argument that anyone was “free” to choose healer or Tank. That “no one is stopping you and its your own fault for not having a Tank or Healer” (sometimes you needed both but that’s when they become silent or unreasonable). As you have said, now it’s easier to weed out those players that don’t care about winning over their desire to play a specific hero.

Side Note: One tricks are in the same boat since they have the “freedom” to increase their personal hero pool. They choose not to for the same reason above or believe one tricking is the best way to win; it isn’t nor is being flexible either. Pick a main and if you need to—switch than switch off back to your main.

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