Role-locking is detrimental to Overwatch as a whole


The role-locking thing really scares me. I don’t want to be stuck with a 3-stack and a 2-stack that are all locked into the damage role, or any other role for that matter. Really, anything that restricts your teams options is a bad idea. I hope this is exclusively for 6-stacks and will remove the locks if anyone leaves the group, or exclusive to custom games.


Nobody forces you to join a group with roles locked.

As it currently is, forced groups can bite you hard anyway, because you cannot undo it. Have a 6 stack 2-2-2 group in QP when one of your healers leave? Congrats, you now have a random joiner in your team that picks DPS and you are now forced to play 3-2-1, with no chance to change it except convincing the joiner to swap to support.


But this thing work?

I mean I joined in a locked group, I selected tank, and when the match start I could play any role…


I was under the impression that it would work like an MMO dungeon finding system: Someone who was queued as a tank leaves? Then someone looking to join as a tank will fill that spot. In that circumstance, they could have it so there’s an option in the system to “backfill” needed roles, and receive a chunk of extra XP as a backfill reward (like the current backfill reward, but more XP since you are filling a specific role).

I never had a teammate leave mid-match when I played earlier, but how is this handled currently? Is the spot just filled with some rando who queued through normal means? That pretty much defeats the purpose if that’s the case.

I’ve noticed that the forced roles only works in QP currently, and isn’t working for arcade modes.


just saying you do know this is mainly for comp where if you leave you get a penalty and it doesnt backfill so i understand those


This is exactly what I’m saying. I’m not saying anyone is forcing me to join a group with locked roles, but they can still end up being on my team, which is just as bad (arguably for them and myself). That’s why I’m saying the “enforce roles” function should automatically get disabled for any group with fewer than 6 players.


This is a self fixing problem.

I doubt it will be more than a 1 or 2 competitive games before everyone stops using the role restrictions.


Or, there’s another fix.

  1. LFG fill-in option: to queue to any LFG game as a specific role
    1.1. If you choose e.g. tank, you will also be joined to an any slot, but priority will be given to empty tank slots.
  2. LFG premade teams can only get additional players from those who use the abovementioned LFG fill-in option.
    2.1. there may be a time limit for this
    2.2. after say 30-45 seconds of an empty slot (time limit for LFG fill-in), enforced roles dissolve with a chat announcement and regular QP players may join.
  3. Instead of time limit, newly joined players may have an option to either conform to enforced roles or to dissolve them (e.g. a prompt on joining).

How would that fare in your opinions?


Perhaps role-locking should:

  • Only be for competitive
  • Only apply to a full 6 man group

And the group-leader should be able to disable it mid-game if needed.


Wtf are you talking about?
The role limit is only when you enter a group from the LFG system and you choose a specific role.


Then, when 4 LFG players quit and you’re on an enforced DPS role, when the 4 new players join and all pick DPS you’re still barred from switching to heal to save the game.
We’re talking about what could be as well.


Only be for competitive

You may still want to change the role ratio from what you start with mid-match in comp. I think of enforced roles more as a way of ensuring that a QP game doesn’t become unplayable with all people switching to dps.


You’re aware of the fact that groups with fewer than 6 players are matched up with additional players not part of their group, right? Those players are then forced to put up with part of their team being locked to specific roles. It’s a terrible system.


Any options that force anybody into any role should require a full 6 man group to be in effect. If you’re wanting to go far enough as to force roles, you shouldn’t be queuing with any randoms anyway.


Role enforcement should not apply with less than a full 6 stack. Additionally I think even in a 6 stack, a player should be able to request a character outside of their role and their team should be allowed to vote to let them select it (popup like group invite)

Players who are not agreeing to role restrictions should not be given teammates who are restricting their roles. The last thing this game needs is “Guys we need a healer”, “Then pick one yourself”, “I literally can’t swap to one, you have to do it”


I think they should make it so that you can’t go into comp with a less than 6-stack if you want to lock the roles. It’s super unfair to the poor solo queuer who gets matched to a group with locked roles otherwise.


I think it looked good on paper, and a lot of people asked for it… but in the end… nobody will use it because the players never seen the problems it’d cause and Blizzard simply added what they’ve asked for years


Bump. This is a serious issue that is being overshadowed by the other changes. I’d go as far as to say this will destroy competitive mode entirely and make every other mode significantly less enjoyable for anyone that doesn’t have a group of 5 friends that they never play the game without. I don’t want to be insulting, but I’m dumbfounded that this managed to make it into the PTR without someone on the development team seeing the glaring issues that come along with it.


I dunno, I’m looking forward to being able to tell two fellow teammates who instalock healers that I can literally only heal, nothing else even if I wanted to. It keeps things from degenerating into an epeen-length argument about who should play what.


Bump again. Please don’t keep ignoring this issue, devs, it’s really important for the health of the game for anyone who isn’t part of an esports team.