Roadhog's new animations..where are?

not so long ago, jeff talked about “road new animations” , and that’s why the ptr have been delayed, now that the ptr is live, my question is, where are his new animations?
primary fire is still the same(50% more accurate, thats good btw), reloading? nope, still the same animation along with the same reload time, hook? well, yes, faster(and a bit more consistent due to the various fixes), but still no new animations, ulty? to me it seems the same(besides the buff).
so, were are the much-waited new animations?
last but not least, good changes btw

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Not really sure. Maybe slight changes to the hook speed, and the spread pattern?

Either way, this has been a pretty amazing patch, so I’m not complaining.


Explain yourself, Jeph! :triumph:

It’s possible that instead of just speeding up the hook animation, they redid it.

But that’s all I have, there isn’t really any excuse to why these changes took so long

There were some bug fixes that may have needed the animation changed, maybe its related to that? idk

  • Fixed a bug that caused Roadhog’s Whole Hog visual effects to cover a wider area than the spread of projectiles

might be a stretch, but…

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Its likely how the hook looks because of the speed up and probably pellet spread reduction.

Edit: also forgot whole hog so you got 2-3 there.

Holding it hostage until Blizzcon.

Good catch.

That and smoothing out the sped up him animation is probably enough.

The pull animation for Roadhog was sped up because of the timing change, so it likely required cleanup on the tweening, since the hook chain pull itself is probably driven by a skeleton bone system.

It’s not a huge animation change like Hanzo’s Storm Arrow, it’s some just some necessary work to make it look like nothing was broken.