Roadhog's footsteps


Why are Roadhog’s footsteps so quiet sometimes? Why is one of the heaviest and biggest hero in the game able to flank so often without be detected?

Look at this:

  • Yes this is a gif without sound, didnt want to put that on youtube for reasons.
  • This is a highlight so it doesn’t show the killcam
  • I can assure you that there wasn’t much sound going on at time, the only loud sound playing during that play was the sound of my beam (why is it so loud btw?).
  • And i can assure you that, in the killcam, neither Roadhog or Moira were crouching.

Yet i couldn’t hear any of them before i’m dead. Seriously, why are roadhog’s footstep magically quieter than reaper’s when you flank? There’s kind of the same problem with PHARAH flanking and ulting you at close range before you can react…

I should add that my sound setup is very far from being crap, i’m using an Asus xonar essence STX soundcard with a Sennheiser HD650 headphone…

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

Probably because Hog is huge with no mobility, so he gets a slightly lower sound profile since he is already at a disadvantage when it comes to pulling any kind of sneak attack.

Reaper can use shadowstep to reach unexpected attack angles bypassing LoS and thus is counter balanced with his louder steps.


because roadhog, is a stealth hero!


How does that make any sense that Roadhog have quiter footsteps than someone more than half his size and weight?


The size of the character doesn’t matter. The game is made on how potentially deadly the character can be. As an example, Mei has pretty quiet footsteps where as Junkrat is a walking rock band with the amount of noise he puts out.


because we want roadhog to be op


It’s possible this is part of a larger audio drop problem happening in Overwatch, lots of people over the past few months have reported not being able to hear Reaper and Mei for example, could you comment about your experience and share your videos/etc. in this bug report thread so Blizzard finally looks into it: