Roadhog needs a passive

I just got to master playing nothing but Hog/Zarya (mostly Hog), and I think he’s a great hero, but he’s massively being held back by how much he feeds enemy ult charge. His winrate has been one of the lowest for a long time, and I honestly think this is one of the main reasons.

Passive ability suggestion:
Thick Skin - Roadhog provides 25% less ult charge to the enemy when taking damage.

This change would not make Hog more powerful, but would just help his team to not be punished so much for having a bullet sponge on their team.


I like this. People auto target you just to build meter.


This ^ (20characters)


Also makes Tracers less annoying to fight because it’ll mean they won’t get their pulse bomb easily by just farming it off you while you miss every shot.


Sounds good to me.

Careless Roadhogs and Dva’s feeding ult charge is the main reason people complain that Junkrat is “Charging 1575 damage in only 30 seconds”

One Roadhog can easily feed almost 900 damage just by themselves.


Nah Hog should be punished for feeding. (Masters/GM Roadhog btw) I just want his hook to ground enemies more. It sucks momentum from just walking can break the LoS for hook. I would also love for you to able to cancel his ult and that ulting realoads your gun. (God knows he needs help with reloads)


Hog would still get punished for feeding even with the passive.

This. I love everything about it. Gimme.


i think 30% would be nice but make it so whole hog reloads ammo after you use it, please? reaper can do it so should roadhog


man your gonna make me dig waaaaaaayyyyyy back in my post for a topic i made with this exact idea about 3 months ago.


This is from a GM/Top 500 Roadhog Main (well, the previous seasons).
Roadhog feeding ultimate charge is a crucial part of his balance, I believe that should stay, he already has 50% damage reduction while healing, so he gives 50% less ult charge in that time.
Not many Roadhog mains agree with this, but if there was ever a time for a revert for his Scrap Gun and Take-A-Breather, it would be now.
Denying a hook kill is far too easy right now. The target either gets bubbled by Zarya, armor thrown by Brig, or you get stunned. You’re pretty much trading cooldowns, which is pointless considering they have multiple cooldowns to counter your one cooldown.
To make Hog more useful when his hook is down for 8 seconds, he should be able to do the damage he used to do, with the old ammo clip & fire rate.
I think a revert for the Scrap Gun and Take-A-Breather would immensely balance the hero, and it would put the meta in a better spot.
That’s just me, I personally think the aspect that Hog feeds so much ult charge is what made him balanced.


These also sound very reasonable.

I think Hogs feeding was ok for Hog 1.0 because he had his damage, but now that Hog is more about tanking, he ought to have something that keeps his original design from interfering with his new game plan.

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I’d argue that Hog isn’t about tanking, sure he tanks better, but the extra tankiness just allows him to brawl better in a team fight.
I’d be really interested to see the passive ability, but I don’t think it would put him in a better spot, not by much at all.

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Hog still has plenty of problems besides feeding but I agree with this passive suggestion to some degree. If Hog was given this passive, I think it should be around 50% because bad Hog should be punished for poor positioning.

I don’t main him, but I play him sometimes in Comp or QP, and really, he spends like half the match reloading.

Yes we do but it’s not really an issue for me.

Could be I’m just bad at the game.

No, I mean Roadhog should be reloading during most downtime. Learning when you can sneak in those reloads is part of Hog.

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