Roadhog Hero Update | Patch 1.28

Hi everyone,

Just a heads up, a couple changes have been updated in the Patch Notes.


Scrap Gun

  • Primary fire falloff range changed from 10-20 meters to 15-30 meters
  • Alternate fire now has damage falloff, which is the same as the new primary fire falloff (15-30 meters)

Developer Comments: Previously, Roadhog’s Scrap Gun alternate fire didn’t have damage falloff which sometimes made it too powerful against far away targets. To balance out a slight power decrease, especially against barriers, we decided to push his overall weapon’s effective range out bit further before damage falloff begins to take effect. Note: The alternate fire falloff begins from where the scrap projectiles are formed, not from Roadhog’s firing position.

This change can be found under the Hero Updates section. Additionally, Roadhog’s Scrap Gun was also impacted by a bug which has been fixed (noted under Hero Updates as well).

Fixed a bug that would cause some weapons that fired multiple shots at once to inconsistently deal critical damage (e.g. Doomfist’s Hand Cannon, D.Va’s Fusion Cannons, Genji’s Shurikens, Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns, Roadhog’s Scrap Gun, and Torbjörn’s Rivet Gun)

Developer Comments: While this is a bug fix, we wanted to highlight this change as it can affect gameplay by changing the damage output of the affected heroes in certain situations. After this fix, weapons with spread should now correctly calculate critical damage for each individual pellet that lands in a critical region (e.g. a headshot). The end result of this change is that it should be significantly easier to deal critical damage with any weapon that fires multiple shots simultaneously, such as Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns and D.Va’s Fusion Cannons. In addition, we’ve changed the logic for when these weapons display a critical marker on your screen. It now requires 30% of your shots to be critical, rather than displaying it if a single pellet hits critically.

Thank you, Heroes.