Roadhog buffs coming. Reaper, anyone?

Yeah. It’s been a very, very sad road for Reaper. Possibly why he’s so edgy as it is. Self fulfilling prophecy and all.
I do have faith they’ll come around and give him something soon. I feel they’ve been getting better at balancing and fixing heroes now that they’ve gotten their feet under themselves some (at the cost of extra event game modes and such [which I’m all for quality of life > events]).

So here’s to hoping that as of late they’ve seen some of the shadowstep buff suggestions. The smoke grenade alt fire suggestions. The hellfire shotgun tweak suggestions. The armor piercing rounds suggestions. The death blossom tweak/buff suggestions. The “Reaper needs something. Anything!” suggestions. The fact is, they do care about the game. There are many characters to worry about. So it’s a matter of time before he gets his (at least that’s what I keep telling myself)

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Pharah is in the same boat, and she’s only just now getting changed so maybe reaper is next

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“We heard your feedback and we’re working on reaper’s buff! We’ve given him a single extra bullet, that should keep him relevant!”


Yay! All praise the edgiest of lords! Our Lord and savior has been brought back from the depths, he is saved! pops champagne

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reaper really deserves buffs especially if all shotgun characters are getting buffed


Amazing thread, with a bunch of work behind it.
If Reaper can’t be a tankbuster anymore, do something else for him.

Right now, he has no niche/doesn’t benefit the player to get picked.

If have some points, too if you wanna add it:

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Sorry, I was banned earlier for “obscene language”, apparently.

I have added your post, but the general lack of response is depressing although expected. It’s like there are too few of us left to make a difference at all

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No problem.
Well, at least we can try.
One of the many posts might get noticed

Yeah Reaper would be the only one without a change

Reaper threads die fast

Just like his pick rate.
Cries in corner

Yeah dont remind me…

yall hear sumn…? no? ok good

I actually think reaper is Balanced.

As a reaper player I think he gets the value intended, BUT everything else keeps growing in power and control. Its costing him.

I would rather the heroes with 56% winrates to get nerfs.
I WANT repear buffs, i just fear that course of action in the long term.
It reinforces the power creep mentality.
Eventually everyone will be demi-god hybrid classes, and the game will play itself.

If i have to make an example about keeping my own house in order, so be it.

Reaper is balanced. Lets use him as the measure.

Early OW he was actually balanced

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I know right?
How did it get so…derpy?

Its like everyone has a sword and a sledge hammer, and reaper is still using his childhood plastic butterknife. I watch videos of the early overwatch games when I feel sad about the game. lol. Nostalgia my old friend.

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Reaper probably needs a bit of a rework to give him more depth.

Maybe an alternate fire mode or ammo switch with a different kind of ammunition on mouse 2.

Or perhaps a passive he can activate with mouse 2 that pulls people in towards him. I kind of mini zarya ult but no where near as powerful. If a player runs towards him they speed up, but trying to get away they go 3/4 or 1/2 speed. Although now that I think about it, this would end up OP or useless depending on how it was tweaked.

Yeah, sweet memories

The part with the butterknife made me laugh.

It’s just a nail to the coffin with hog getting buffed and torb getting reworked into a better reaper.

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35 upvotes over here → (71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018

Keep the threads alive. Reaper deserves some spotlight for once in this game (aside from Season 2).