Roadhog balance speculation?!?!?

Ultimate moved to his shift button as a channelled AoE attack.

Hook is now an ultimate that charges with 600 points of healing/damage. Reverted to Hook 1.0 mechanics that can hook through anything and not break under any circumstances

I’m waiting.


My guess:

  • Spread randomness greatly reduced
  • Right click ball now deals 70 damage at close range (up from 50)
  • Weapon falloff removed
  • Hook cooldown reduced to 6 or 7

He needs falloff because he melts shields too easily from a distance otherwise

He specifically said not a rework, just “tuning/balancing,” and that it requires animation. So the question becomes, “What kind of mere tuning/balancing would require animation?”

I think the most likely answer to that is speed of action. One of his abilities (or his gun/reload) will probably be made faster. Whole Hog’s startup and recovery time seems like a decent possibility.

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Oh good please yes, even with the spread RNG reduced only is enough,

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I think they might be instituting the half cooldown hook where if a hook breaks he gets his cooldown reduced. They have done it before with Sombra’s Translocater and New Torb’s turret. They might need some animation for it maybe?

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I feel like they are turning take a breather into a aoe effect that also heals team mates so he is more team based

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Wouldn’t really change much though. He’d still have all his current problems.

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That is a good point but that is what i feel tbey will do becausr they dont want him being too strong on his own

That doesn’t really seem to be a concern for the devs though. They’ve happily added heroes like Brig who function on their own perfectly fine.
(Also, more AOE heals would just enable more GOATS comps - which the devs are trying to avoid. (See torb’s rework))

Mark my words, it’s going to be a change to his damage or surviavbility. The two things he should be good at, IMO.

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I think they’re going to lower the cooldown of Chain Hook, but to compensate, add a cast time where he swings it over his head before throwing it, with loud chain-clinking sounds.

He gets the opportunity to pull enemies in more often, but enemies have more of a warning before the hook.

take his dueling power and move it to utility.

he have awsome damage and awesome survival, he just lack utility and his utility is another CC and incredibly unfun…

That is true but i think with hog specifically they want him to be more team based judging on how they have balanced him before also i think the torb rework will destroy goats so they dont mind it getting a tiny buff because of the huge nerf

I’m thinking he is going to get the take a breather treatment to his ult, so he will retain full movement speed during his ult (and take 50% damage), which would require some new animation (faster walking speed during ult animation).

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But none of those changes require animation work :thinking:

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I hope so his ult is so weak

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Spread randomness might if they tighten it

Serious Hogs already laid out some decent “tunings” for Blizzard to consider. Let’s just hope.

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Please no I don’t want new ultimates just some balance changes

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this is just a straight up nerf. hook is so easy to deny, with CC abilities, Defense Matrix, Zarya bubble, and more. If they do add a cast time to hook, they will need to give Roadhog a lot more use with his Scrap Gun, so he’s useful outside of hook…

I think Blizzard is probably changing the hook animation once hook lands on the enemy. I think the stun time will be shorter, and I think somehow they will up his damage output (whether that’s by adding more damage to scrap gun or hook, or making hook targets pulled closer to Roadhog).

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