Contenders? Some scrims we have literally no way of verifying?


Yeah but unless you actually play in the pro scene that doesnt phase us at all.


More like 10-30 to find 2 that are not actually a dps mains or heal mains. Then you do get 2. One says please turn off role queue so we can do goats if needed. Then he insta locks widow soon as he can. Then other tank says screw it and goes dps as well.

You just wasted 25 min lfg and got the same damn thing you would have got if you just did solo queue. Infact you go solo queue after that match 2/2/2 and people that can play there roles and win. This is why i said screw lfg a long time ago.


It’s almost like you’ll need to use teamwork to cover each others weaknesses while working with your strengths.


That brief period between the 0.65 hack buff and the 2 sec CD on interrupting hack nerf. Maybe you weren’t playing, but she was in at least every other game for me. She felt impossible to punish as a tank.


She peaked at 2% pickrate at that time with trend falling even before they nerfed her. Jeff was posting a top 10 most picked heroes for every tier conveniently at that time and Sombra was nowhere to be found on any of these lists.


Alright. Doesn’t change that she was in the majority of my matches, and felt awful to play against. Obviously the devs felt there was a problem since they nerfed her again.


I’m tellin’ you now folks, I’m one trickin’ Sombra after the patch and no one would stop me.

My tanks might got weaker, but Sombra would ruin everyone else’s day to avenge them. You think Hack is strong? Too bad, wait until I insta lock her and leave voice chat, I’m comin’ for blood!


so soldier being able to be played again is somehow killing off tanks?

what kind of logic is that and aren’t you tank mains a bit entitled

its okay to nerf dps but its not okay to nerf tanks when they are clearly too strong and made dps obsolete?


go play an mmo if you like tanks so much


If they’d gone through the tanks individually and with some sense of logic, I’d be fine with it. But this is like NERF ORISA, HAMMOND AND WINSTON FOR THE CRIMES OF REINHARDT, ZARYA AND D.VA!



Wasnt the devs thinking that as they wouldnt have buffed her in the first place that way if they didnt think it wa right. Danteh actually confirmed that pros were whining as they didnt have enough time to adapt and they usually were running Tracer as a hard carry hero and Sombra was hard countering her. So they had to hotfix her to be ready for stage 3 of OWL. If they would have put up a PTR to avoid bugs, it would have taken too long.


I be one tricking Ashe. Let’s do this thing.


Another Reaper Buff? Tank (Armor) nerf? Clearly they don’t know how this game works in ranks below GM/Top500/OWL (where 99% of their customers are!). This changes are unreasonable and blind. They need to pass to a (forced) 2/2/2 paradigm and (re)work the game around this unique meta. So some nerf need to be reverted, and some buff deleted. IMO they are simply on the track to broke the entire game!


It’s a team game dude. Try winning without a Rein against a team that does have Rein. On certain maps you can get away with it sure, but there are an awful lot of maps where your chances of winning plummet unless someone on your team is willing to play Rein. I’m not buying this sob story, Rein is CRAZY powerful for his team.


What strikes me as the most odd things balance wise is that they gave Crowd Control abilities mostly to DPS.

I guess tank players should just stand around until they are swiftly killed, praying that their teammates can land their shots.


Said the who use winston for 21 hr …


She isnt bad, but cant move her shield. She is just bad at pushing choke points, but is better at defending it. Heck many times im solo tank on Orisa on for example Hanamura first point, and OW BOI SHE IS LIT.

On attack Reinhardt is just better as i stated above, it is stupid to pick Orisa on attack because of just that. Yeah she is decent on KOTH maps. Reinhardt is just better.

In my opinion

Orisa is better in defense
Reinhardt is better in attack

Orisa and rein both can be used in KOTH


it’s actually more like 60 something hours.
And i did from 1300 to 2991 playing only tanks.


Hour counter in OW doesn’t count Arcade or Custom Games :frowning: …my top main is DVA for that counter… but i’m sure i have many many hours more with Roadhog…