R.I.P. Tank Queue Times December 6th, 2022

I didn’t want to be a tank anyways!

I will be participating in the long queue times if he plays as badass as he looks

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Can’t wait to have my 5 second support queues :eye: :lips: :eye:


I dunno about that Octo.

You need four supports for a match. By then I’m not sure you’ll be able to find a fourth person willing to play support.

Your queue might eventually go up.

J/k :joy:

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Support queues make you feel wanted. I like it even tho its harder to support.

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I feel like most people have to play all the roles like i do. Whenever i see big number i just queue up a different role. EZ.

Waiting times will never improve, as long as they don’t start giving news to support role, remove the passive from all dps and a long etc.

Great Ow Team, bottle neck rise up and never stop!.

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What are you even talking about? They are on a way down to rival support times

Broaden your horizons…
Bronze ain’t the average rank.

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Pretty sure it is the average rank right now. xD

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Interesting hypothesis.

That’s because everyone in bronze thinks DPS is the carry.

Same as OW1, Bronze is gonna Bronze.

As you go higher the Tank queue is the worst one.

That didn’t change much. Trust me.

This had me rolling. :rofl:
Kiriko every five seconds! Lets gooooo!!!

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