RIP Ana (Really frustrated at the neglect)


She has a 150 heal at range that can’t miss and has over heal.
mercy is a moth with self healing on a 1 second cooldown.
Moira can throw orbs through shield for healing.

Ana cannot do anything to shields, at all.


Sorry, what now?

Have to have LoS to heal. Have to dodge out of LoS from snipers / any chip damage.

Has 0 healing output when dealing with flankers.

Can’t shoot through shields.

Has to use her 10 second CD to heal herself if she takes a bit of chip damage.

Ana innately has as crap ton of weaknesses. It’s Mercy that doesn’t have weaknesses. She can GA out of almost any situation. And a Mercy that actually has positioning sense will rarely be caught out.


A perfect Ana doesn’t exist due to:


The abundance of barriers that’s within the game. Regardless of how great an Ana player is, barriers will always be a very great obstacle for her to climb and while the player might compensate for them, there’s only so much that they can do before it becomes a major hindrance.

Map Design

Unlike Widowmaker or Hanzo, Ana does not have the mobility necessary to compensate for line-of-sight issues, so she has to remain on ground level.

The maps on Overwatch are purposely designed with many bends and breaks in line-of-sight so snipers can’t just camp 200m away from the fight and pick people off with ease, as a result, Ana is forced to play closer to her team (think more mid-range) in order to accomplish her job.


Ana’s kit can be countered by her teammates just as much as it can be countered by her enemies.

You can lob your Biotic Grenade at the perfect angle to hit the enemy team, but if a jumping Genji or a fat Tank unintentionally intercepts the grenade’s flight path your impact is then ruined.

Sleep Dart is a very impactful ability, but as most people have retold, it’s impact can be rendered null by a teammate sending an errant shot towards the direction of a slept target without actually killing the said target.

As for Nano Boost, its impact is entirely weighted on whether or not your teammate actually does anything with it which severely limits any value the ultimate potentially had.

Unfortunately, Ana’s potential can never be truly reached due to factors outside of her control which sucks because she has the potential to be really strong, but she’s so handicapped by her myriad of weaknesses that even high-level Ana’s can’t actually attain the complete power that is Ana.

Saying that a perfect Ana has no weaknesses is akin to saying that this game has very consistent and expansive lore that’s released at a frequent pace.


To play Perfect means to never make an error, mistake or lapse of judgment. So, isn’t that applicable to every hero?

So what happens when that Perfect Ana meets up with a Perfect Winston or D.VA or Tracer or Genji or Doomfist or Sombra or Hammond? I hardly think she’s still going to have no weaknesses. More so I hardly think she’s going to have a chance.


Summed it up VERY nicely!

They really need to relax when it comes to Ana. I get she was a problem for a little while, but times have moved on.

Look at the mess that is Mercy; and they say they’re scared to change her or nerf her again


So they’ve announced another change to Ana;

This literally does nothing that Ana can’t already do.

The reasoning behind it is very weak as well;

It still requires her ULTIMATE to do anything of value; Her base kit can already dish out the numbers IF you are ABLE to use your GRENADE for the team.

It BAFFLES me how blind they are to what has really been holding Ana back.

The fact that she has to pick between ME or the TEAM as a support.

This change just promotes poor play and poor teamwork


One question:
Can nanoboost be applied through shields?


Nope :slight_smile:

Blocked by barriers


Actually, it can go through barriers. Any ability that locks onto a friendly ally passes through enemy barriers. Mercy’s heal, Zenyatta’s heal, and Brigitte’s Repair Pack all follow this rule too.


Only if you cast the ability BEFORE they go behind a barrier

So if you get blocked by a barrier BEFORE you use it, you can’t


Really? I could swear they could all go through barriers.
I’ll have to check it in-game at some point to be sure.


Yeah lots of auto-target abilities can only go past barriers if you activated them BEFORE the barrier gets between you


I thought that rule only applied to abilities which auto-target enemies, like Discord Orb.


Are you really surprised this is the kind of buff she gets? They are just doling out nerfs and buffs at random in an attempt to appease people, look at the Mercy nerf that will make people happy for a few weeks until they realize she’s still a better pick than Ana.


Same with friendly; You can’t Harmony Orb through barriers, but you can apply it and keep it on behind barriers before the go behind it


Well not much is going to change with these support changes

Less Mercy, less Brigitte

More Moira, more Lucio

That’s it


I think Mercy will dip the first few weeks and then she’ll climb again like she has before.

Unless something extreme happens when Hammond is released she’ll still be the only one able to keep up somewhat with all the damage and rez what can’t be out-healed.


Yeah, I like the Ana change, but it’s kind of a “Hey, this’ll be nice, but she still won’t be viable.”


Well the Moira and Lucio buffs are gonna be HUGE changes and options

Hammond is a MASSIVE counter to Ana; like it’s insane how easy he can melt her if she doesn’t have Sleep Dart lol


Not sure Moira can keep up with him though, which leaves us with…