Rien, Dva and Zarya most picked tanks

Reinhardt has a fun personality of the bump rush tank. He’s very easy to understand. Shield up when getting hurt. Hammer out to bring the hurt. Big damage when in range. Big shatter when you can use it. Big value if you land the charge.

Zarya I’d not say is a most picked tank generally, but she’s one of the easiest tanks in the entire game to understand. You bomb enemies as they get close. You zap them as they stay near. No headshot aim needed. Just hit their body anywhere. If you take damage or see someone else take damgae, bubble up. Big Grav ult.

Dva has a huge degree of “pretty girl” effect going on. Where they pick that hero as they want to cosmetically see them all game. At the same time, she has a fun playstyle which is simple to understand. Rush at enemy with boosters firing all your weapons blowing people up. Launch a giant bomb into the distance and go boom. Squish people with her meka recall.

Many of the newer tanks aren’t as simple to play or have equally big immediate impact.

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I actually found DmonDiff in game a few months ago and we were both playing Dva regardless of what happened :slight_smile:

Mine also, i could help with highground, use DM to isolate my rien to get healed, or the enemies so they die, PEEL my team, it was peak tanking imo.


Winston is in my good books, he worked really well as an off tank and main, with a clear skill requirement, but i rarely get him these days.

For me it was cause i was a Medic main with over 1k hours, Mercy is one of the very few TF2 inspired characters i think they honored. (with Junk being ‘low skill dumbed down demoman’ same for pharah but with a quake rocket launcher)

This goes way back before OW2 was even a thing and has maintained that even till now, its not just a buff case.

When the idea is based off what people want, over what they feel they need to do. imo.

In masters and GM people just do whatever at first, then get forced to the meta to trry and win lol

This is how i wish they made all DLC characters honestly.

Dva would be more popular if game balance was in her favor. The stats we should look at are not what is being played but what people want to play.

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Now think of all the times Blizzard devs have explicitly said (and other times alluded to): “You think you know what you want, but you don’t.” :roll_eyes:

That snobby attitude is why we’ll never get a fun, organic game. Just rotating metas defined from above.


It’s like this in restaurants too.

Chefs ego gets in the way of just making good simple, it all has to be a reflection of him, then they complain about customers and how they deserve a michelin star when all they have to do is make simple good food.

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TBH, the community and devs were forever scarred by OW1 S3 D.Va. It’s why the devs continued to nerf her and blame her for all the game’s problems (what gross disillusionment that was). Then when it was clear they absolutely had to reverse course and help her, they only ever gave her the most cautious of buffs (almost never to her main mechanics) and partial reverts. I still shake my head at Jeff Kaplan for going on record to say he had regrets about creating D.Va and her Defense Matrix mechanic.

It’s been nothing but a losing war with them and this community ever since OW1 S3. Such a shame, because IMO, there is just no other hero like her that is so fun to play. Especially in a 2+ tank environment, where she has options and useful duties outside of mainlining for her team, and being restricted to leading Dive in hyper coordination.


THIS! This right here is why I like 6v6 more. 5v5 dva feels so team dependent


Because they can function well in relatively low teamwork situations.
And most people in this game don’t behave like it’s a second job.

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So you are telling me that if a hero is vastly overpowered at the lower levels and not used because it doesnt have good synergy at the higher levels with the flavor of the month meta it shouldnt be adjusted?

My guess is you are a child then and havent done the fundamentals of data analogy at school then

Well, she is popular in QuickPlay. So, to your point she’s more popular in the fun mode than the competitive mode.

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What did I say? Go read it again.

You’d be wrong. I am very much an adult with a degree in Computer Science.

Damn if you have Comp Science degree and saying not all data can be relevant… Damn son… Maybe hand that bit of paper back and ask for your tuition back.

Data is relevant for everything we do. By cherry picking from a small sample size, and GM/Top 500 is a very small percent you will NEVER get the full picture because, again, there is only 5-7 heroes played because they are the flavor of the month heroes. You just cant balance on a small data set. It doesnt work

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looks like i missed something nice eh…damn :frowning:

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Not all data is relevant. Determining which data is useful for what is part of it. Simple example for you but, what you had for breakfast today is irrelevant to balancing this game. It’s data. It’s not relevant.

Also in statistics you don’t need a huge sample size, just a representative sample size. There’s strong reasons to favor top down balancing. And you still have a reading comprehension issue because you have yet to acknowledge that I said you should look at gold/plat. You just shouldn’t use them as your primary balancing tool. You use that data to make sure you aren’t breaking something for the masses.

It was glorious! 2017 D.Va was a monster and I loved every moment of it!

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OW1 S3 barely lasted for 60 days, before Jeff and Geoff came in HARD with the nerf hammer. Jeff said in an interview how he and Geoff talked over the Steam chat client together because the company was on winter break, agreeing D.Va was “beyond broken.”

What had they done?

To give you some perspective of what D.Va was like back then: Season 2 began roughly when they introduced 4-second Defense Matrix on a flashable R-click and had moved it from a 3-second all-or-nothing E-ability on a 10-second cooldown. They originally had it begin recharging 1/2 sec upon end of DM usage instead of after waiting the full 1 second “forced downtime” period to begin recharging. That was nerfed (“fixed”) during mid-Season 2 though, and that aspect of her power never made it into S3. Season 2 D.Va had 100 HP and 400 armor. Season 2 D.Va had something like a 90% reduction in walk speed whenever she fired her guns. It was a rather obnoxious self-snare when playing as her. Season 2 D.Va had no micromissiles, and she couldn’t fire her guns while flying, either. She wasn’t a problem in S2.

In Season 3, they reduced that awful snare, taking it down from 90% to either 40% or 30% walk speed reduction when firing fusion cannons. And they gave her an extra 100 HP. That was it. That was all they did to buff her. (Whoopee!) I remember in Season 2, I was playing her as a sort of duelist, jumping into 1v1s with people and forcing their attention on me. I think I won 50% of those encounters? It seemed fair. I personally continued that play style throughout most of S3. But other people jumped on using D.Va right and left, and they like to dive in deep to stir up havoc in enemy backlines. It was very risky, very stupid play. But the problem was, it often worked because it tilted the supports, and their defenders never bothered turning around to gang up on D.Va. In just a few weeks, I remember seeing entire enemy teams ganging up on me, hard focusing me so much—despite not playing D.Va in the aforementioned jackass play style—that I thought that 100 extra HP was a needed godsend!

Then came Season 4. They swapped D.Va’s HP and armor values (200 HP, 400 Armor → 400 HP, 200 Armor, which dropped to zero in the blink of an eye compared to how it was before). Her fusion cannons were nerfed. Instead of firing 8 pellets that did up to 3 damage each (24 dmg max), it was increased to 11 pellets that did up to 2 dmg each (22 dmg max). And they increased their spread. That killed the horde of unstoppable trash D.Vas plaguing the game, but their damage forever left their mark on the community. Duelist D.Va died. The Backline ravager “Fat Tracer” D.Va died. The DM-bot playstyle was born of this. D.Va was tethered to her team on a short leash going forward. It… took some adapting to play a much more reined in D.Va to say the least. Going forward into S4 and S5 sucked in light of the experience of S2 and S3, especially when Hog was temporarily uber-buffed and was one-shotting her out of mech. (from behind the safety of her own team!!!)

That said, the experience coming out of S3 was nothing as bad or so polarizing compared to what 5v5 did to her.


agreed, but all data is useful even out of context. The problems come from when people think areas don’t count because of ego or wanting the data to read what they want. (like i think the devs do, with the flip flop of un/mirrored)

EG; in this thread i am using all hero selection for examples of what people consider fun, knowing the majority is arcade and QP, where people just lock and play, but not discrediting comp cause i know some people enjoy playing meta or lock what they like first.

TLDR i agree with both of you xD

Don’t get it twisted, D.va is not in a good place right now, she is only picked because bastion is in every other game

But if she were a strong/good pick then she would be played just as much in comp. Everyone is just too much of a meta slave to play what they want to.

Except she has been consistently one of the most picked tanks (from all modes) since the game launched.

It’s not like this is some new trend

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