Rien, Dva and Zarya most picked tanks

But why? Probably gonna touch a couple subjects.

I think it’s because they have clear upsides and downsides.

Honestly, the new tanks are just kinda check boxes of abilities, shield, block, stun, range, Shield piercing, exc…

I also think that it is because people like having pro’s AND CONS, instead of this stupid “if everything is OP nothing is” moronicism.

I personally have a rule of thumb, for each time you say “and” on a character and/or ability its significantly lower skill. With honorable mentions for immo, which is thrice or other mechanics.

Sometimes I wonder if the balance team even knows what people liked about OW, other than some trendy keywords… They somehow take away interaction, by adding interaction.

D.Va is also just the most fun for me to play when I’m forced to play tank for weekly achievements.



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dva is like , pick zarya/sym or lost

How are you determining that? Because the most picked in GM right now are Zarya, Orisa, and Doom. If you look at all ranks, it’s Zarya, Orisa, and Rein. D.Va isn’t one of the most picked. And even if you mean OWL or something then I’ve seen mostly Sigma, Rein, and Zarya in the playoffs.

Are you looking at QuickPlay?


All modes, all ranks.

As in, not what’s that extremely narrow scope of players doing.

As in what people actually want to do, not what people feel obligated to do. (I am not really suprised i gotta say this)

Why would anyone look at GM+ for what most people want to do?

Why would you include anything but ranked in a balance discussion?

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because its not a balance discussion, its a fun discussion, with an honorable mention to skill based off how many time I say “and”.

I know this may sound weird, but the whole point of a game is to have fun, enjoy yourself, you know, things like that?

Like just read everything I have said in this thread… All the info is there, it’s not encoded, or deceptive, it’s simply just what people pick based off that factor, what people actually want to do and thoughts of why.


I guess I misunderstood. Well, D.Va is the most fun tank to play. Zarya is good against D.Va so she gets played. Rein is really popular also. He’s kinda easy to get value from.

But if you compare QP to comp you’ll see what’s fun isn’t necessarily what people play when they want to win. And that’s where I thought this was going.


I agree to an extent.

I think people just like Rien/Zarya (im only mentioning the team of cause i think the old ways shaped peoples opinion, not now o anything) cause they play well together and are fun, people played Zarya regardless of D’va now that we in 5v5.

Agreed somewhat as well, even in Masters people try to play what they want, then get frustrated and do what you said lol

but no, i was just thinking of tanks (all roles really) kits and thinking about why people keep going back to older heroes with a few sticking to new after the nerfs…

couldn’t happen but feel like design was different back then, i personally think that it was depth going both ways, enemy/ally, that was the reason.

Look guys, I may one-trick the hell out of D.Va, but these days I only play a few games of Overwatch once every week or so.

I’m going to point the finger and blame DmonDiff for all the excess community hours logged on her.


Leave D.Va alone now. K thx bai.

You’d be surprised at how often Rein / D.Va was played back in the day. It was my favorite tank pairing. Shatter+Bomb was a guaranteed team wipe combo. Lots of people find Zarya boring. I like playing her to an extent, but she’s not as fun as some other tanks. She’s usually the go-to tank for DPS mains that are playing tank though.

It’s hard to beat Rein and D.Va on design. Winston is really good too. Gotta say that while Hog has his fan club, he wasn’t well designed. IMO Ram is probably the most fun tank released since the original cast. He scratches the same itch as Rein does. I know a lot of people like JQ, but I don’t really enjoy her personally.

With supports, there were only 3 at launch which is probably part of how Mercy became so popular. Personally, I gravitate towards Kiriko and she’s new.

Zarya being among most picked is because of the recent buffs. the other two is because people like playing them.

More like rein ram and orisa

Zarya only shows up when there is a dva

Because there is way more QP games than comp. So you can get more data and make a better judgement from that data…

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But it’s useless data for balance because people aren’t picking to win in QP as much as for fun. I play stuff in QP that I’d never play in comp.

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Yes you are right but there is data worth looking at. Not all games in comp fall into the flavor of the month category. Data is data. It will still give you an idea how people are playing it.

Ive seen many comp games in my time where they are just playing whatever for whatever…

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That’s why I typically look at GM stats for balance. It’s much more likely to be what wins. But even then they have their blind spots and pick things they perceive to be strong even when they might not be.

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And then how do you tell if the other 27 or so members of the roster are balanced? They are playing FoTM heroes. So you really cant tell whats balanced and whats not. The data from every single game played in QP and Comp is valid data.

Its like Polling all of 1 side of a political party to see who they are going to vote for and then go yup that person is going to win. You dont have the other side so how can you make an informed judgement

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This is where we just fundamentally disagree. I don’t think that anything other than GM comp data is actually useful for primary balancing. You do need to look at say Gold and Plat to make sure you didn’t kill or blatantly overpower a hero in trying to balance them, but data in say Bronze is just not useful. QuickPlay data is not useful.