Reworks and buffs

If you could rework ANY Character in the game, which would it be, and how.
Also no, not talking about reverts so you mercy and symmetra mains back into your caves, ill bring you tea and cookies after this post

Soldier, Reaper.
Keep in mind I’m completely open to feedback on both reworks.

Soldier 76 Rework This will be based around soldier being like a spec ops hero.

All his lore would remain the same.

Primary- Pulse Rifle, Switch- Scroll Wheel, Zoom-Right Click, Fire-Left Click

  • Damage decreased to 18 per shot.
  • Fire rate increased to 720 RPM (12 shots per second).
  • Ammo increased to 30 rounds.
  • Max spread increased to 3.5 degrees.

Soldier also gains a small sight on his weapon. It provides a 1.5x magnification. While ADSing (Aiming down sights) Soldier has no spread on his weapon; however he does have recoil. There is virtually no horizontal recoil but a fair amount of vertical recoil.

Switch Weapon- ‘Scroll Wheel’

There would be a small animation of Soldier switching a lever on his AR to switch it into mode. The animation wouldn’t be able to interrupt anything including but not limited to: reload, ADS, Frag, Ult, Chin Up. This would take around .25 seconds.

Secondary- DMR, Switch- Scroll Wheel, Zoom- Right Click, Fire- Left Click

Once Soldier has switched modes on his AR he can stay in this secondary mode as long as he wants, but as soon as he shoots the DMR shot goes on cooldown. The DMR shot would do 80 damage to the body and 140 to the head. It would be on a 6 second cooldown (maybe?). The DMR shot would be hitscan. Once Soldier uses the DMR shot ability it would automatically switch back to his AR.

Frag Grenade- ‘E’

The Frag Grenade would do 300 max damage. The explosion radius would deal damage linearly, meaning it would do max damage at the center and linearly deal less damage as it gets farther from the epicenter. It would be 12 meters large, and would deal 50 damage at the very edge of the radius. Meaning it would have a ‘slope’ of damage at: 25 damage per meter, every meter the explosion damage would drop 25 damage. As soon as you press ‘E’ there is a .25 second animation of you pulling the pin on the Frag at that point the Frag Grenade will explode in 3 seconds, so all told once you press ‘E’ the Frag will explode in 3.25 seconds exactly. Once you press ‘E’ you can hold ‘E’ to hold the Frag meaning you can ‘cook’ the Frag as it is called in other games. So if you hold the Frag for 2 seconds there is an animation of you throwing the Frag for .1 seconds, so after you’ve thrown it, it will explode in .9 seconds. The ‘cooking’ mechanic allows for some very precise Frag placements, you could get it to explode right where you want it to if you practice with it enough, this ability just present an unprecedented amount of skill in timing. I truly feel that what will separate the ‘good’ soldiers from the great soldiers if this goes through is the mastery of this ability. I’m not sure how fast it should travel as I’m not very familiar with this kind of number, but I was thinking similar to Junkrat’s grenades, with a similar arc. It would have a 14 second cooldown. It would also deal 1x damage to Soldier, so he can die from his Frag.

Chin-Up- ‘Space Bar’

I know this is going to sound like the Hanzo logic, but it isn’t. This ability will be used to pull yourself up onto high-ground that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to, it would lock you into an animation that would take .1 to .75 seconds. This sounds crazy, .1 second?! I know, the animation would scale with how much taller the high-ground is that you can’t get to, if your feet just can’t get over it: .1 seconds, if it’s almost over your head when you jump: .75 seconds. It would also be on an 8 second-long cooldown. I feel that this is infinitely more balanced than Hanzo dodge, it’s on a longer cooldown and locks you into an animation that you can’t do anything else in.

Ultimate: Utility Belt- ‘Q’

Soldier: 76 gains three charges of grenades on the Frag button (E). The first one is the Frag just like his regular ‘E’ and has all the properties thereof, scroll up to see the details. The second charge is a smoke grenade here are their properties: No one can see in or out, so they are basically visibility barrier only, but it applies to both teams. If you are inside the smoke you can see other people inside the smoke as well but only indistinctly. If they are an enemy you will be able to see a faint red outline. These smokes would have a radius of 20 meters. They would last 8 seconds. The third charge is a Molotov Cocktail. It would have a radius of 12 meters and would deal increased damage the longer an enemy stays in it. The ramp-up would look like this: 100 DPS/140 DPS/180 DPS. It would ramp-up every .5 seconds an enemy stays in the Molotov. Soldier also gains 100 extra health 50 of which is in shields.

Voice Line: “A good soldier is always well prepared.”

Reaper Rework

General Changes

Increase movement speed by 5%.

Primary Fire

  • Spread is not random at all!
  • Slightly tighter spread.

Armor Piercing Slug- ‘Right Click’

Each of these rounds would deal 65 damage per body-shot. They will have a really bad drop-off past 30 meters (which is the start of the fall off) at 45 meters the fall-off stops and the damage is now 35 damage per body-shot. This would fall-off linearly meaning it would have a ‘slope’ the slope would be: 2 damage per meter. Each secondary fire ‘round’ takes 3 ammo in Reaper’s shotguns. This means that he can actually shoot 3 slugs without reloading, so basically his slug will act like Torbjörn’s shotgun. He switches between both primary and secondary fire almost instantaneously and seamlessly. Meaning no animations are done except for Reaper using his thumbs to click something on the back of both shotguns, these would be kind of like the hammers on revolvers. These rounds would have no spread they would just be a fairly large hit-scan shot. This secondary fire would do 1.5x damage to armor and .75x damage to shields. Meaning that within his min. falloff range he would deal 97 damage to armor and 49 damage to shields. It would not have a sound que like Roadhog’s secondary fire it would feel like you are shooting McCree’s revolver.

Smoke Grenades- ‘E’

No one can see in or out, so they are basically visibility barrier only, but it applies to both teams. If you are inside the smoke you can see other people inside the smoke as well but only indistinctly. If they are an enemy you will be able to see a faint red outline. If Reaper is inside the smoke his damage his increased by 25% or in other words he gets a 1.25x damage buff while inside the smoke. This includes his slug-fire. Both his primary and secondary fire will get the damage buff even if the actual pellets/slugs go out of the smoke. These smokes would have a radius of 20 meters. Reaper would have these smokes on a 18 second cooldown each. Smoke would last around 8 seconds. This means that there are six seconds that Reaper doesn’t have a smoke up. The cooldown would start as soon as he throws the smoke.

Blackout- Ultimate- ‘Q’

Reaper will throw 3 smokes one right in front of him and one diagonally to his left and the last one diagonally to his right, so it’s a cone in front of him covering around 90 degrees. How far they will be thrown will depend upon where he is aiming. But they the first smoke will always be thrown directly at the center of his crosshair, the second at 1 degrees, and the third at 90 degrees. Once Reaper presses ‘Q’ his smoke ‘E’ will be reset to full cooldown. The only difference between this ult and his normal smoke ability is that Reaper and only the Reaper using the ult will be able to see through the smoke. After he throws the smoke there will be a short animation where Reaper puts on night-vision goggles. Only Reapers with night-vision goggles on can see through the smoke so if both Reaper’s used their ults there could be up to eight smokes on the map with only two characters being able to see through them.

Cool voice line for his ult: “Welcome to the Night!”

Keep on mind that I am totally open to feedback, on both numbers and on the ideas themselves.

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my cave is really cosy! would you like to come and visit?

Yes ofcourse i want to! Ill bring the tea and cookies <3

also this is an amazingly well written rework(s)

Any feedback?
/20 char

Other than it being 100% more detailed and better written than what ill be able to write, i think the ideas are great, but maybe need a little tweaking to fit into the overwatch universe

Not even much but there could be some changes that affect the game a lot.

I like the barrier as it is so I would leave it this way.

I would make it slightly bigger and implement an indicator how many people you can pull at the current position of the ball.
Another idea: when Orisa uses Halt she can not move but instead can move the mini grav freely. How precise it can be moved is a matter of balance. Not too precise I would say since it might end up being OP.

Enhance the utility by applying fortify to all allies within a certain range.
Either all allies who were in range or create an “fortify area” around Orisa so people can enter or leave it.

Nothing much I would change. Maybe shorten the reload time but that’s a matter of balance.

I don’t have any good idea here without making it OP but maybe instead of placing it stationary Orisa could move it along with her.
Maybe in a way that Orisa is the source of the supercharger. Assuming the ult has 100 HP I would give Orisa 100 additional “supercharger HP”. That protects her but also represents the health of the damage buff source. So if you should Orisa now you can take out the charger BUT the charger is mobile and Orisa has 100 additional health to protect herself.

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Mercy should get another rework though. Not revert. Another rework.

Not going to write essay of reasons why. I don’t have time for that, and it’s been done already. Just read some of the existing forum posts about it. I especially recommend this one:

I’ll would rework/buff/nerf/bug fix everything except Winston/Roadhog/Zarya/Zenyatta/Moira.

what kind of rework would you give them though?

What I have say far before the recent armor nerf.

oh yeah the armor nerf… ouch

Mercy. Here me out… I don’t want a revert. I have a whole bunch that aren’t even remotely close to a revert, but I’ll post the one I made that’s gotten the most positive feedback.

If something isn’t mentioned it remains as it is on live.

Mercy heals for 60 HP/s again.

E becomes an ability that adds 25 HP/s to Mercy’s beam for 3s, 8s CD. Cool down starts after the effect ends.
So, heal beam becomes 85 HP/s and boost beam becomes 30% boost AND 25 HP/s.

Q becomes one instant, single target, 5m range Resurrect. It charges a bit faster than Coalescence.

Valkyrie is gone.