Rework Mercy 2.0


Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

No. Don’t rework mercy. Just because you don’t like how the character functions doesn’t mean they need a rework.


“You” meaning him? Or the thousands of people pressing “like?” And which specifically of those thousands who have varying opinions on how the rework should look do you disagree with, specify.


“you” meaning anyone. Heroes should not be reworked just based on how they feel.


What are you basing this off?


What do you mean what am I basing this off of? Heroes should not be reworked based on people’s feelings of that hero.


Again so what are you basing your disagreement off? Feeling? :joy:


Okay…so you laugh at me when I say heroes shouldn’t be reworked off of feeling.
I can see this going nowhere…see ya later then…


:joy: Uh yea you enjoy yourself friend :wave:


#ReworkMercy Movement. She will be an angel again :innocent:


Now this is an attitude I can get behind! What do you want to see change about her?


#ReworkMercy Honestly tho sis… I just want her to be fun have more stuff to do. I still believe she should have her healing increased to 70hps but I mean I understand that may be too much I mean… hey… Moira does 80hps on her primary and her orb does 75hps. And we all know what Ana can bring to the table. So I just want her to be fun ya know?? Or just forget her and make Exho the iconic Heal QueenBot we all need :slight_smile:


The issue with this, as much as I agree it’s what get her reworked in the first place.


Not solely. But also…that doesn’t mean we should continue basing changes off feelings and whims.


That was one of the reasons she was reworked initially, because it made people feel bad that their big ult got erased by her ult. Jeff literally said it felt bad in one of his videos. Don’t ask me to go hunt it down. That was like a year ago.


Thank you, next,


Again I agree; but she does need something. A soft rework at least might help; not a total rebuild. Maybe a hybrid of 1.0 and 2.0 in some way.


She doesn’t need a soft rework. I will agree that she does need something though. Just a little help.


Please watch the video and you will see that apart from lucio skin there are good reasons behind it, you can agree with them or not but in all honesty is not cause somebody likes or dislikes it.
And not saying bring mass rezz back or nothing or…whatever, her state now is pretty bad and as the video pointed out, even when she was pre rework pros and high rank players never used mercy and she was never meta. Same as now, unless you consider a main heale rmust be an orisa battery for pocketing a dps all the match, thats not a hero or a character is an add on.


It’d be nice if the linked youtube videos generally added to mercy threads were from good/legit sources, but more typically the illegitimate and very worst ones, like this one, are what get linked here, with the absolute worst of the worst youtubers seemingly linked here most of all, like they are unpaid advertising