Rework Ideas for symetra

I don’t think they have.

But i think their statements are wrong.

If symmetra deals damage in ticks, then armor currently reduces either 50% or 3 damage per tick.
That is fact.

If she deals 180 as they previously stated, or 195 as currently stated, doesn’t matter.

If her damage is dealt in 20 ticks a second, then armor affects 20 attacks.

If the damage is less than 10 armor will remove 50% of it.

If the damage is more than 10, armor will remove 3 damage from it.

Either symmetra doesn’t deal damage in 20 ticks.
Or she deals more than 12 damage per tick.
Or she deals more damage after this change.

There is no possibility all of them are right.
It’s impossible.

20% can not be more than 50%.
So it’s impossible for her to deal less than 10 damage per tick.

2 is less than 3.
So it’s impossible for her to deal 10 damage.

2.2 is less than 3.
So it’s impossible for her to deal 11 damage.

2,4 - 2,6 - 2,8 - 3.0
All are less than or equal of 3.
So it’s impossible for her to deal 12, 13, 14 or 15 damage.


If she is supposed to deal less damage then her current damage - 3 must be more than her current damage - 20%.

I think you should ask a dev by creating a topic to clarify your confusion!

I have been fooled for 8 months not knowing that her weapon was actually the original 65/120/195 but accoring to the “devs” they had an error on their patch note by typo of 60/120/180 but its hard for me to believe their reasoning behind it.

To have that error for so long when people are crying about her damage lower than zarya’s 190 dps max and other symm’s damage buff thread! How can they miss it? Like seriously?

So from now on i dont take their word seriously.


Their statement was that at full charge, Sym will deal less damage against armour. If their statement is wrong, then their calculations must be wrong.

This is true, and has been true for a while now.

No more Sym reworks just stop avoiding the issues with her a buff them. It’s not the hard to reduce the deployment time on TP.

So symmetra must deal damage in 12 or less ticks a second.
That is the only possible way for her to deal less damage after this update.

Which she does.

Then how come every dev sais 20, every wiki sais 20, and people on the forums say 20?

When was the last time the devs said Sym’s tickrate was 20?

None of the wikis even mention her tickrate.

What proof do you have of this? Because, as far as I’m aware, people on the forums say it has changed. :woman_shrugging:

Where is the proof about her tick rate having changed to less than 12 a second? As you claim.
Have the devs said it?
Hve the patch notes said it?

It’s the lower value between -3 and 50%, which means that any damage below 6 is hit with 50%, not 10.

Also, her tickrate isn’t 20. It’s 5. Running the calculations, I get the same differential as what the dev admitted to when I run it on a tickrate of five. Therefor, tickrate is 5.

Official dev clarification of Symm’s damage values, matching calculations for a tickrate of 5.

Then they should clearly indicate that she deals damage in 5 ticks instead of 20.

Their lack of information about tickrates makes the game way more confusing than it needs to be.

You think that’s bad? It took them over half a year to realise that they released the wrong damage numbers to the public! The rework introduction post said 180, but it was 195 all along, and they NEVER noticed OR communicated that!

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They should really just update the training range with damage numbers, ticks, tracers, etc, so that people can do their job for them…

Ah, but you see, the problem there is that they need to do their jobs to get those numbers in there! Which brings us back to square one!

They just need to implement a ui element that outputs the damage dealt.

The damage numbers must be in the game currently, If not they wouldn’t be able to change them, and you wouldn’t be able to damage an enemy.

Yeah, I want her old teleporter back, I miss bringing my team back to the fight.

I loved making the enemy team think they’d won the point, only to have my team all charge out of a secret teleporter and take the point back.

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Thats one thing we will all miss

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