Rework Brigitte


Her core design (needs to be in a deathball brawl to have consistent healing) is crippled outside of GOATS. Everyone is sick of GOATS, but Brigitte kind of sucks as an healer outside of it.

She could use a light rework to make her a more consistent off-healer.

Step one: make Repair Pack Brigitte's main source of healing.

Bring back torb’s armor packs! If Brig holds down the button for a second without any targets, she’ll toss the repair pack on the ground for a teammate (or herself) to pick up later. Note: anyone who picks up a repair pack from the floor will have to wait out a 2 second cooldown before they can pick up another one. We don’t want brig making a pile of packs that can bring a tank up to full health in an instant.

Lower the cooldown of Repair Pack to about 4 seconds, but also lower the healing to 75. If Brig gets an elimination or kill assist, Repair Pack’s cooldown is reset.

The armor provided from a repair pack should decay (like overshields) insead of disappear all at once.

Step two: fix Inspire

Yeah, no. Inspire should be deleted from Brigitte’s kit.

Step three: properly tune Brig's shield and its bash

Change the effects of shield bash. Instead of doing a hard stun, bashing an enemy will do a small amount of knockback and apply a Dizzy Debuff for 3 seconds. That means no movement abilites - if you can’t use it in a Zarya grav, you can’t use it while Dizzy. This will make Brig the counter to flankers and dive tanks she was meant to be, without making the rest of the roster miserable in the process.

Give bash back the 50 damage, and restore its cooldown to 5 seconds. It’s gonna need some use against targets that don’t rely on their mobility to survive.

Widen Brig’s shield by a meter, so she can protect an ally better if they’re being harassed. Restore its shield health back to 600.

Step four: a tweak to whip shot

Make it an actual secondary fire, with no cooldown. It’s a skill shot that takes a fair amount of time to complete, it doesn’t really need to be tethered to a cooldown… although the knockback strength will need to be toned down with this change.

Step 5: Buffing Rally

Rally is like a worse sound barrier right now. It could be a lot better if the radius was increased to around the same range as Zen’s trance, and if it was turned into more of a “burst impact” ult instead of something that has to get its value over time. Time is something that no one has to spare in Overwatch.

Reduce the duration to six seconds.
Triple the armor generated per second (that’s 90 armor per second), and remove the armor cap, but…
Make Rally armor start decaying as soon as the ult ends

Now, how exactly is this supposed to be something other than a worse sound barrier?

I’ll tell you how:

Allies with Rally Armor on are immune to critical hits. Come get’cher helmets!


I’m all for these things, so long as Genji gets his Deflect cooldown lowered by 1 second. Also, Genji’s triple jump returns. That’s all I ask.


I agree , but at the same time this will be counter intuitive. Buffing rally and increasing her healing by making repair pack better will only make GOATs have even more sustain and better . Yes , she is bad in a 2,2,2 setup , but being niche in this case isn’t a bad thing. Plenty of heroes are niche and are played in a particular play style/comp. I think she is good as she is right now , as she is still the core of GOATs and other triple support comps , but exploitable in 2,2,2


There is such a thing as “too niche”.

We have so few healers as it is, and one of them can only be used in GOATS? That’s just not acceptable.


Brig is super good in triple support comps, not necessarily goats.
Bastion is only played in bunker comps
, unacceptable?
Pharah is only played with a mercy , unacceptable?
I could go on , but your point makes 0 sense .
Brig’s entire kit has to be changed in order for her to suit other comps that don’t require brawl, her having a core part in goats and other triple support comps only isn’t a bad thing


20 characters.



Too many heroes are way too niche, while a handful of “the elite few” can be played on every map and mode. :roll_eyes: The balancing team needs to get their game together.


The game revolves around maps , maps such as numbani are great for Dive
Whilst others such as King Row , goats is incredible , this is not an issue imo , but the lottery of comp + private profiles need to be addressed with role queue , or some sort of feature .


That came out of left field…

How does that make it any better that 6 or so heroes can be played on every map and mode, and fit into several different comps… while over a dozen more can only played on an extremely short list?


My example above was to point out how different maps cater for different heroes , so if Goats is bad on numbani 1st , doesn’t make goats in generally "niche " or bad.
Every hero can be played on every map , it maybe doesn’t get the most value out of the hero , but in ranks master and below , meta isn’t even a thing .
I’m sorry , but 6 heroes can be played on every map? That’s ridiculous, the only heroes that can’t (maybe) are bastion + torb.


The only thing I want for Brigitte is to remove that pointless slowdown from Whipshot.

Why is that even a thing?

Otherwise, she’s fine imo. She brings too much to the table for her healing to be good.




Insert Genji voice line “C’mon…”


I want to get out of the GOATS meta and now deeper into it…