Revised Role Que with Hero Pools

Initially I was completely on board with Role lock. The frustrations of not having people willing to play roles that we need or the cancer of running too many tanks and healers was frustrating but I recognize that players are getting frustrated with the current state of the game. With hero pools now in the mix, is 2-2-2 really necessary.

I have always thought that there should be 4 roles to que for with 1 main tank, 1 main dps, 1 main healer and 3 flex. The main tank, dps and healer would not be able to swap roles but the 3 flex can swap. This guarantees one of each role is required but you can still do some other comps not strictly 2-2-2.

My only concern is that it will be hard to balance hero’s going off of 2-2-2 because if you start running a 1-3-2 comp with 3 damage, tanks are going to feel super squishy and demand to be buffed and then the meta will change to 3-1-2 with 3 tanks and DPS will complain that they can’t take down all these tanks and then you get the DPS exploding again so that healers feel useless in the face of all this damage and then you get back to the point where every character can one shot and healers are irrelavent.

How about

3 flex
Did you mean “3 DPS slots”?

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So you would technically count Roadhog and wrecking ball as a DPS and let DPS swap to those “tanks”

3 flex = all-rounder slot meaning you can become Tank-DPS-Support

Yeah basically.

Which frees up the devs to balance barrier tanks really easily, and keep upping their stats until they are popular enough.

I think MoonBurst was referring to the fact that the 3 flex would only ever want to play DPS and not contribute to anything else, which is always a possibility. Then you would be stuck with 1-4-1

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Not in practice it doesn’t. On paper, sure. But considering we have a problem of people queuing for tank/support and trying to play like a DPS, do you REALLY think it won’t be used as more DPS slots almost exclusively?

Honestly i do get the problem, and it does show our current issue.

If at all it would become like that.

I’d actually think we can’t do anything wth Role Queue or Hero Pools if we’d wish to have flex slots.

If we would approach flex slots normally it would indeed get filled with DPS.

Therefore Open Queue is a great solution.
Yes the same argument still stands there with uneven compositions.

We already had a really simplistic solution for that and that is the LFG system.

I wonder why people wanted forced 2-2-2 if they could have gotten that via LFG.

I know people get mad when you mention casuals but In order to keep any game alive, you have to make it fun for casuals and sometimes people just don’t want to join a group. Just want to Q up and launch into a match.

I understand that… though couldn’t we make forced 2-2-2 for QP then an arcade possibility instead of forcing it like that onto everything?

Competitive can become Open-Queue sure, that’s not casual play so no issues with grouping.

Though QP is casual, and i indeed see that there.
So i’m correcting myself here: “QP can stay the same”

Though it’s really Competitive that needs changing or just have both modes available constantly.

I think the superior option would be a guaranteed 1/1/1 with the last 3 as flex. This way, no 3/3, and no 5 dps. You still run the risk of 4 dps, but that can work if we are being honest. At least at the ranks people would do such a thing.