Revert max armor rally gives + shield bash cooldown


What made her oppressive was you could stack armor and it wouldn’t decay - now that her ult deletes all armor she gives after 30 seconds, it isn’t an issue anymore.


While I agree that decaying armour shouldve been a change earlier… for 30 seconds 150 armour on some heroes is insanely good. Esp zen and zarya who have it below sheilds.



Its the only team imo she has reasons to exist because Devs refuse to make her viable in other ones and keep gutting her.


Her ult is useless now. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


I don’t feel like brig got a nerf. She just got more balanced. She was playing 3 roles at once before. Tank, dps, healer. Her dmg output was too high for a support/tank hybrid. No other healer can instakill someone with a combo.
But if you read the update log, you will notice that her healing output got increased quite a bit. So they just shifted her abilities to what she was supposed to do from the start


If they ever lock 2 2 2 we can start buffing her. Otherwise no, she will just make every tank comp extremely reliable with her armor. Im pretty sure she was what established the meta as well. Before she came to the game tank comps with moira lucio were very very unreliable. Suddenlty poof brigitte appears.


how about no.


Her ult uptime is still really high. If she gets 3 ults per round in a 200 second round (3 minutes. reasonable on koth) then its up 90 seconds. 45% of the time. But shes out of the fight for some of that. But shes also building her next ult with her rally armour currently on. Snowballs happen. You end up having rally up for a really good portion of the round.


Imagine unironically asking for Brig buffs. I don’t feel so well.


I dont know that useless is the word i woukd use personally.


No, the question is do YOU understand how nerfs work? The aim is to make a hero balanced. If that means they need a rebalancing more than a nerf, with both buffs and nerfs at the same time, then that’s what should happen.


No. The goal is to make the hero balanced, and nerfing is a tool to do it that way. If a hero is overtuned; they must be nerfed to bring them down. They should NOT be compensated with a buff because that would keep them in the overtuned state.


Do you have no concept of the fact that a hero can be statistically balanced, but have one underpowered ability, one overpowered ability? In that situation you nerf one, and buff the other.

To use Brig as an example:

Shield Bash currently is useless. It’s a medium cooldown, short range, very low damage and easily blockable. Yet it hasn’t taken her out of relevance, so it quite clearly wasn’t what was keeping her strong.

Meanwhile, her burst healing, especially the armor created, is too strong. Repair Pack is the shortest cooldown for an ability that provides burst heal, and in high ranks especially the large amount of Armor she creates makes teammates very hard to kill, especially someone like Zen or Zarya, who have shields over armor.

So what you do, to push Brig into a more balanced state, is nerf the burst heal a little, but then buff Shield Bash a little.

Something like:

  • Rally armor decays after 30 seconds (the one on PTR)
  • Repair Pack cooldown increased to 7 seconds (from 6)
  • Shield Bash can stun through barriers again
  • Shield Bash damage increased to 20hp (from 5hp)

And then to avoid complaints about how hard to play against Brig it is for Rein:

  • All heroes without a quick melee now have Brace on a 5 second cooldown, which makes them CC proof for 0.5 seconds.

You give him a way to not get swallowed up by a Shield Bash, which helps others out as well.

The “OP plz nerf!!1!” Mentality that this community has just doesn’t work. That’s how you get situations like with Sombra, who is worse on ladder than pre-buff, because she’s received multiple nerfs since then, but because she hasn’t got the right nerfs, she’s still powerful in pro play. And because she’s still strong for the pros, nobody wants to buff her.


Yes but since the original balance change was about recompensating the rally nerf with a rally buff I dont understand how it applies. Thats the same ability. If rally is the overtuned ability, but shield bash is trash, then yes, you nerf rally and buff shield bash.

My original point of saying that it should not be recompensated because it was overtuned still stands.


Do you understand how nerf stacking works? it is when new nerfs are made on top of previous nerfs which no longer make any sense.
There was a need to nerf CD of powerful Shield Bash, but there is no need to nerf CD of Shield Bash that does not deal damage and no longer works through shields.
There was a need to tune down the amount of armor with infinite duration granted by Rally, but there is no need to to tune down the amount of temporary armor.

After new patch Brig ult will be officially the worst support ultimate in entire game. Maybe even worse than Mercy’s.


Will it not be balanced?

It will still be a top teir ult.

Just nerf the other support ults if they are so good to compare hers to.


Nope. Let me explain how it works.
Main healers (Moira, Mercy, Ana) have larger amount of healing, but they don’t have powerful defensive ultimates.
Secondary supports (Zen, Lucio) have less healing, but their ultimates are very powerful and can completely deny enemies ultimates and combos.

Brig is neither. Her healing is trash, her ultimate is garbage and counters nothing, her CC is overnerfed and her sustain will become even lower after armor nerf.

Okay, at least now I see that you are simply delusional. Good luck.


By what metric? It provides in fight sustain? It literally gives everyone more health. Its great in my opinion.

What does valk, or nano counter?

Her CC wasnt changed. Her damage was, because it was overtuned previously.

It makes so little difference to most heroes. But it also doesnt counter 99% of the cast now. Its stopped being overtuned. Wowie.

I mean, is this not all speculation? Neither of us have hard facts. We havent seen the patch play out.


Nah, only you. If you decided to ignore facts it does not mean that there are no facts. It only makes your opinion delusional and worth of nothing.


Fair enough about the shield thing. Brigs rally (counting armour) is technically 57 hps though… almost as much as mercies haha.

Also, neither of us have hard facts on if she is good or bad now. People thought sombra was gutted. We have nothing on if rally is good or bad right now.