Returning Player (Low SR) LF Non-Toxic People to Climb With (NA) (18+)

Hey there, I just got back into Overwatch a few weeks ago and am having a lot of fun getting back into it. The last time I was playing a lot was right when Ashe came out, and that was all on console. Now i’m on PC and really loving the precision and more competitive vibe.
However, the reason I stopped playing last time (and as is the case with a lot of people) was the insane level of toxicity. I generally have pretty thick skin but the game just wore me down, I was like a mid-diamond player on console at the time.

I’m at the point where I’m ready to start playing more seriously on PC, but I know that will be really difficult without finding people to play with. For me, while I do want to climb up the ranks, I’d like to do so in a chill pleasant manner. I love to win, I love to play competitive comps, and combos, I just want to get it all done without us biting each others heads off. Ultimately, it’s more important for me to have fun than to rank up super fast, although that would be nice lol. Oh and i’m generally down to play any game mode, but comp is my favorite.

I could easily climb as support or tank, but I’d rather do so with a chill group, or a few chill people to team up with when ever they’re on, that way maybe I can play DPS once in while lol.

A little about me, i’m 28, pretty laid back guy from California, I’m a flex player (mostly out of necessity), but I really enjoy DPS (as most people do lol). Main language English and I play on the NA Server. I’m pretty low rank at the moment, while I haven’t finished my placement matches i’ll probably be in bronze or silver. Hit me up if you have any questions.

So, finally, if you’re down to play hit me up on here, or on Discord Precisionn__#6615. If you know any chill servers for Overwatch with non-toxic players please let me know. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you guys soon!

Hello Natsu,

I know what you mean by the toxicity. It was until I found a group of friends that the game became that much more enjoyable. We are usually on but I am on the most frequent. My tank role account at the moment is over 1900. But I hover 100 to 200 points above that during the season. I am easy going and would like to climb with you. My support lies in the bronze to silver spectrum. Holler back if you would are tired of solo que. Best of luck!

Hey, I was placed in mid diamond on damage about 4 seasons ago but I’m stuck in the plat life so if you’d like I’ll definitely take you up on that, im 25 M and I play fill role. UrSleepDemon#1842

Are you still looking for people? I would love to play sometime :slight_smile: I main support! I tried adding you but it didn’t work. So if you do see this you can add me on discord Galxsea#1044

Hey I would be happy to play some time

Hey can I add you by chance? I’m looking for more friends to play with also :slight_smile: