Resurrect should be an ultimate ability

As someone who has played Mercy since the Mass Rez days and through the many iterations of her rework, I feel that her kit feels clunky.

Guardian Angel and her mobility are very fun and let you feel like the savior of your team flying in to save everyone.

However, stopping that momentum to use Resurrect has always felt awkward.

Res as a normal ability is just weird from a design standpoint. If you look at most examples of Res in other games, it is an ultimate ability!

Valorant has a great example of this with Sage!

If I were to fix Mercy, I would do one of two things:

  1. Swap Resurrect and Valkyrie

Have Resurrect be an instant, solo rez with invulnerability.

Valkyrie can be 5 sec in duration and remove the chain beams.


  1. Lock Resurrect behind Valkyrie and replace with a new E ability while not in Valkyrie.

The new ability could be a quick burst heal of 100 health to a solo target. Then, in Valkyrie it becomes one use of Resurrect that is either instant or has a lowered cast time of 1 sec.

I think these changes would make Mercy feel like she has a better flow to her gameplay.


As main Mercy I must say – I wont waste my precious valk time for rez of one person, and we already passed mass rez. So no, just remove it from the game and give me GA to the enemy instead :slight_smile:


Rez was only balanced around making Mercy farm her team for ult charge. Mass Rez was the glue on Mercy’s kit and without it she is just relegated to being a blue beam bot for overpowered hitscans.

As a basic ability its either garbage (like rn) or potentially overpowered.


Hanzo and echo some of the strongest pocket targets. Hanzo even being top 2 maybe even number 1 depending on the player🙃

Honestly do not get you and others with your weird internet personas hating on hitscana in a FPS game with takes that do not align with the reality of the game.

I mean is it even fun to cosplay something like that? For real thou, kinda blatant your whole thing is fake. No way a person could be this erratic and ignorant too the facts in the design of a video game and spend endless hours on forums reiterating the same mantra.

Personally ain’t buying it, also find very perplexing. Again what drives you and others acting the same way? Also again I think most people see through and think the exact same thing. What’s literally wrong…

Neither are stronger than hitscans due to how dmg boost was nerfed years ago and only applies on firing and not landing.

Not that it matters because Hanzo has the fastest projectiles that approach near instant landing and Echo’s big damage dealer is also instant damage. 2 out of 10 or so heroes dont prove much. Mercy remains a slave to overpowered meta enforced hitscans.

We tried “Rez on Ult, Short!Valk on E” in an expiremental patch a few years ago. It was complete garbage.
And that patch didn’t even remove the chain beams. What you’re proposing gives Mercy, what, 5 extra hps (for a total of 25 extra healing if she channels M1 for the whole 5 seconds) and free flight? On a hero who can already get just about anywhere she’d want to be with her GA already? That would be a serious contender for “worst ability in the game,” and the “ultimate” she gets in exchange isn’t even as good as several supports’ cooldowns. Yikes.

Personally, also as someone who has played Mercy since OW1 Beta… they should just remove rez. I have no desire for Mercy’s kit to carry around this severely degraded relic of an older build, especially not if it’s standing in the way of her getting something that could help her be something more than a pocket bot in 2024 Overwatch.

I certainly don’t want to see rez locked behind Mercy’s ultimate. It’s already used, what, 4 times per match? The idea that it should be made more ridiculously niche than it already is just to balance keeping it in her kit is… pitiful. Like letting your husband’s packed lunch grow mold on the kitchen counter for six years because you don’t want to admit that he’s not coming back for it.

I really don’t agree with the idea that rez is “her identity.” Mobility, responsiveness, and teammate-oriented gameplay are her hallmarks.

I do think that back in early overwatch, Mass Rez was a part of her identity, but not specifically because of bringing dead teammates to life. What mattered about Mass Rez was that it was a strong defensive ultimate–something that had Mercy healing and damage boosting as much as possible to so that she could have her ult up in time to swoop in and save her team in one glamorous flash of glory. That big moment and the buildup to it was huge. But, of course, Blizzard already destroyed that completely when they reworked her.

I think if Blizzard wants to rebuild Mercy’s identity, they need to get over this idea of bringing teammates back to life and look at different potential options for a powerful, tide-turning defensive ultimate, so that we can get back to that original gameplay cycle of healing to charge an ultimate. Then, they can look at using her E slot to add something that’s AOE, multitarget, or targets enemies–literally anything that’s going to pull her away from her pocket and encourage her to spread her resources more evenly across the battlefield.

I think the best version of rez in the history of the game is as it was right at the end of OW1, and the version in the current pay to win game is close to being the same

I am strongly against making rez an ultimate

I will die on that hill that mass-rez was never a problem. It was neither strong, nor unfair, had less rezzes that current Mercy over the cause of the game and often used for 2-3 man rezzes. 5 man rez was as rare as a 5k for any ult. I would say even rarer, because Mercy would need to survive.

They hated the playstyle and changed her and while she is stronger now, her ultimate sucks since then. Not in terms of value, but rather in terms of feeling. The shorter an ult is the bigger the impact… and now we have Valk. Its nice, but to long and not enough power behind it.

Mass rez would not be a problem today, especially in the 5v5 era and it would limit the “frustration” of players and tie it to an ult that is supposed to be strong.

Yes: Bring back Mass rez.

Good times were had back in those days

Because they kept every downside that current rez had while also being extremely buggy.

Mass Rez should not have cast time and should be give the invul time after it. Without those buffs, its worse than launch Mass Rez which was already a bad ultimate and had to be buffed.

However, Mercy in that ExC played way less like a blue beam bot.