Restore order to the battlefield in Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge!

Restore order to the battlefield in Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge!

Earn new rewards—including Marammat Symmetra, inspired by Christie Golden’s new short story, “Stone by Stone”—by winning games and watching Overwatch on Twitch.

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Love the skin, very under the roof looking! I hope there’s more of these on the future


(When you start waiting on PTR news for Yellow Hardlight stuff.)

I need that spray with Zenyatta pinned to the ground by the cat.

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Wheres the 15m beam?

Sym is getting ignored! :yawning_face: :expressionless:



Also kinda said how quick a statement this was.

In what way? There’s a link to a big article.

I wish we got emotes again, like Sigma Mistero.

Symmetra YAS! :grinning:

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yeah… but…kinda was expecting more info.

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Golden gloves when?

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Maybe when Golden Hardlight happens.

So join me.

??? theres more info in the linked article, how is this something to complain about lmao

Does it alter the colors of any of her abilities?

Same. I wish we get emotes and legendary skins like Sigma maestro and Bastion lego skin. Like I mean they are going to make the skins exclusive at least put alot more effort into them

That said saying the skin for symtra isnt good would be a crime. I really love it. but it seems like it will have a default gun look

As a friendly reminder, stream drop troubleshooting to earn the sprays for this promotion is available in this forum thread:


You know… I do feel personally attacked now.

There is teasing and then theirs bulling.

Only 18 replies lul.

Well I’m loving it. Thanks blizzard. Sym is my queen

Somebody please tell me what this means! I don’t know!