Rest in peace mercy


She’s still going to dominate the pick-rates even after this nerf, just wait and see. Keep skinning her down so that when the day comes and you finally address her there won’t be much left.

After all, it’s what happened to Ana.


It’s cause she doesn’t need anymore nerfs lol


There’s a complaint because this is absolutely the wrong nerf to give her. Maybe you should pay more attention to her kit rather then crying about other people lol


Well she doesn’t need another nerf right now, so if you can’t see that…

Get out.


Incorrect, Winston now does more damage than her healing per second


I see something more along the lines of Moira/Brig/Mercy/Rein/Zarya/Hanzo, Mercy still provides massive utility in rez and DB that can’t just be neglected because she lost 10HPS that’s ridiculous.

You’re absolutely correct Mass Rez Mercy needed more healing to compete with Ana’s healing, but now, she isn’t mass rez Mercy, she has more utility, whether it be realized utility or added utility, I’m sure we can both agree that she’s not the same Mercy she used to be.

And that’s good, because Moira doesn’t have anywhere near the utility of Mercy.

That’s literally the point, if Mercy’s healing output isn’t enough you switch, if Moira isn’t providing enough utility, then switch to Mercy?


Actually it is a rather large change if the enemy team has a Wintson.
Winston 60 dps> Mercy 50 hps


I honestly have no idea what sort of qualifications you need to balance this game. It seems like every bad change is instantly apparent without even touching the PTR.

Remember the original Bastion Ironclad buff? Did anybody read those patch notes and thing 35% DR wasn’t going to wreck the game?

What about 30 sec rez? Remember everybody saying “Um, actually, the temp rezzing is going to be way more powerful than mass rez”

Or what about the sombra changes? I don’t even know where to start there.

The only way I can see them honestly arriving at any of these conclusions is if they just sit around as a group of like 30 people, and groupthink until they come up with a plan dumber than any of the members.


And this is why no one takes people like you seriously, I bet you didn’t even take the time to do some math or even think about other heroes out puts. No, you didn’t “OMEGALUL” let me educate you on what your ignorance has blinded you to one of the main factors. Mercy now does 50 hps which in my opinion is pretty good still, however, Winston does 60 dps, therefore, there is now another hero added to the long list of others that countered Mercy in the first place. Good day now informed likely dps main.


I’m not sure why they nerfed her healing, and “buffed” other supports. Everybody is getting 1 shot by Widow/Hanzo at this moment


I’m sorry your main wont be the best hero in the game.


They actually reverted something for Mercy…
But it’s not the rework. :thinking:


Mercy still must pick. Instead of healing 17k a game it will be 16k…


tell that to a dozen of bans she is getting

not now, but in the future


Sorry guys, but as a winston player, I’m happy


Here we go again…time for all the Mercy mains to come out on the forums and whine that their op hero is getting made to be more in line with everyone else…can’t wait to see 900 Mercy threads a day for the next 3 months


At the same time loads of people said to Mercy mains that she’ll be fine and she’ll actually require skill.
Then she ended up breaking the game.
After the consecutive nerfs they said she’ll be balanced- aand you see how that turned out. This is likely to happen again after this nerf.


From the way you word this it seems unclear if you’re speaking specifically of maining a character or one-tricking. There is a big difference. That being said…

The only problem with being a Mercy main in a pool with a majority of healers that use aim primarily (such as Ana, Zen, Lucio, etc.,) the skills between heroes aren’t very transferable. Mercy has a very segregated play style from the rest of the supports, as does Moira and Brigitte. It’s a little bit of a blanketing statement to tell someone if they play or main one support, they have to be able to play them all. If they want to play competitive they’ll have to make sure they’re playing consistently with their rank.

Think about it this way, if you told a DPS main to do that, they would call you crazy because that would mean mastering fifteen heroes…in one category. Flexing is important, sure, but the point of it is being able to flex into different roles, not just the same role. There are too many play styles and varying levels of difficulty in twenty seven different heroes to tell someone who spends a lot of time in one role to learn all of them. There are main healers, off healers, tanks, off tanks, hitscan, deniers, the list goes on. There is a huge shift in priorities and jobs for each role. Not everyone can so easily swap play styles at the drop of a hat if they aren’t comfortable playing a certain character or the style of that character isn’t one they are confident playing.

Let’s take Mercy as an example, her job is to keep everyone alive and make sure her DPS are securing their kills with damage buffs. Completely passive and arguably a bit more defensive. That’s ideally suited for players that aren’t confident in running into a fight and being aggressive, yet still contributing to their team in a meaningful way. That’s a preferred play style for some. That’s completely fine. There are supports you can be ridiculously aggressive with, like Briggite because her play style calls for it. Briggite and Mercy have two very different ways of going about doing their jobs but they both accomplish the same goal which is to protect their team.

Why tell someone they can’t play the way they want?



Hey folks,

Going to go ahead and lock this thread up now. Please continue posting any feedback regarding Mercy (or any other changes) in this thread here.