Rest in peace mercy


Oh boy here we go.

It could have been a lot worse. Just a healing nerf. She will still be powerful. She won’t die any time soon, mark my words.



This nerf is in the complete wrong direction, she’s still going to remain powerful.

Her actual problem is the fact she still has an UNEARNED rez every 30 seconds.

Although Valk charge rate has been nerfed, she still has the ability to group heal which SHOULD be he weakness.


This is like her 20th nerf and shes still the top picked support …and mercy mains say the same thing after every nerf


That’s pretty neat. YAY LUCIO, ANA, MOIRA BUFFS


in order for other supports to gain some viablity mercy had to die… I’ll take it! Yas.


I kind of suspect her consistent heals, her safety with GA, and her ability to negate picks will leave in her in a good spot. She also brings damage amp.

For anyone unaware of the changes being made, blizz stickied this thread not too long ago.

This is the change being made to Mercy.


K make sure you bring some popcorn we’ll have movie night next month.


We’ll keep an eye on her to make sure she is still a strong pick Jeff Kaplan 7/18. This confirms my theory, more pretty skins for keep tricking us and don’t stop playing Mercy!


No one should be a main of one character. If you main support, you should be able to flex pick all supports to fix any situation…not just sit on mercy, and have that be the end all be all to your support capabilities.



17% healing reduction for mercy and you’re pretending it’s like the end of the world OMEGALUL. This is why people don’t take a large percent of mercy players seriously, stupid posts like these.


While 50hps made Mercy a trollpick originally, that incarnation of Mercy had: her passive healing at 3 seconds instead of one, no E, and a mass Rez with 0 invincibility on herself.

I don’t like the change, but I don’t think she’ll be as bad as beta Mercy.


Cool a nerf decent enough to reduce her viability without making her complete garbage, im down for that.

And please your Mercy Fanatics stop making “RIP Mercy” post while she was obviously too viable and the dev said that they are keeping an eye on her to keep her good. I couldn’t even play any other healer or else i was flamed for not playing Mercy, that’s pure BS.


Nope, she will surely remain the same she is right now, having a bunch of clueless people claiming for more pointless and stupid nerfs that can’t fix anything because the problem is beyond balance, it’s her design which is straigh bad.

Mercy’s problem is not her balance. It’s her blasted reverted design, that is the worst mistake in all Ow’s history. The devs are doing the impossible to balance that bs they created, but it’s impossible, it doesn’t matter how much they nerf it, she will be the same or she will die, but nothing will be fixed while she has currents E and Q.


She will probably still be the go to meta healer and people will complain shortly after that. Then Blizzard will wait a few months again and nerf her GA or whatever. Till the day they entirely destroy the character. Yay! -.-




Mercy died for the Emperor, and by his will, she WILL rise again!


I’m so happy Ana,Moira and Lúcio are getting buffed and Brigitte and Mercy are getting nerfed. Mercy being the queen of healers got really boring and I enjoy Moira and Ana much much more.


Though not as good as Ana was during her peak she is still overpowering the other support picks. Something has to give. They could leave Mercy the way she is on live and remove rez and she would still be the best main healer.


I’m a mercy main (for the past seasons) and this will let me play other heroes, because my teammates are allways asking for mercy, that’s just refreshing