Respawn as Baby


After using your ultimate if you die before your mech explodes you will respawn as baby and your mech will not do any damage. It seems like the mech “dies” too.


That’s no good, hopefully will get fixed in time.


yeah, when that happened to me on a qp i didn’t know what was going on XD


That happened to me last night as well. The kill feed showed as if my mech committed suicide and did nothing. As I was ejecting the enemy Bob killed me and I respawned as baby dva.


Actualy i dont mind if it is intended, almost every ultimate that is separeted from the hero can be interrupted, but she need to spawn with her Mech tho.


Happened to me a lot today, really annoying. Also, you cannot ult anymore when your Meka gets destroyed, no idea if that is intended or not.


After ive expereinced a triplets od Dva bombs disappearing instead of killing someone ive tried to Ult and suicide in front of practice spawn and the nuke didnt kill the 2 bots…i think the problem is there.


the thing is that this is not supposed to happen, counter dva’s ultimate is as easy as hiding behind a wall or even behind a streetlight, if you kill baby dva the mech should explode anyway


Yeah, let’s hope they fix that. Also the fact that you cannot use your ult anymore as a ‘second life’ - i hope that is not intended - she doesn’t need more nerfs.


If you kill Mei Snowball should do their thing anyways.

(Chris Avina) #11

Thanks for this report. Please let us know if you encounter this again after today’s PTR patch update.

DVA Bomb delete itself

yeah, the problem is that if you die before the mech explodes your ultimate will just disappear and you wil respawn as baby dva