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Still seeing this problem. Talked to other players and they have had this problem since last OW patch which I was out of town for so that may be the common point.

I recently returned from a week vacation to find my overwatch games started becoming copy. I typically average 130-144 frame rate and 60-80 latency. I noticed replay clips when killed instantly start locking up and getting choppy and when there are big graphic effects like ultimates.

The day before I returned from holidays I ran an update on my graphics card. I run a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 in a ROG Strix laptop connected to a gigabyte monitor. The driver version is currently dated 03/8/23. I tried to roll back the driver but the option in windows (11) is greyed out. I suspect the driver update may be the problem…

I have seen my frames drop to 70 when this is happening. I am not sure if something else is going on.

Check that your laptop isn’t in balanced or power-saving mode. If it’s not that, it might be worth giving Display Driver Uninstaller a go.

If you google ‘DDU’ it’s the first result that comes up. Download and extract it and then start your laptop in safe mode and have it clean previous drivers and restart - then reinstall the latest Nvidia driver, or a previous version if possible.

Hope that helps.

No it isn’t in power saver mode. I’ve had at least 2 friends and atleast 1 person per match I spoke with that are experiencing the same problem.

Those instructions sound good, but I am not that tech savy.

Back to hogwarts legacy this is unplayable.

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