Reports of Mercy's death are greatly exaggerated

I wouldn’t do that, because that’s stupid and wouldn’t work. I’d make rez her ult and put something else on E. How many more times do I need to tell you this?


I haven’t really seen any “Mercy is deadl threads, except for one that was by a DPS player who said, “Mercy is finally dead. Thank you, Blizz. Cheers!” And that was all.

I have seen one or two Mercys say that it feels bad and that they can’t keep their team alive, but that’s about it.


Great! Let’s keep nerfing the one competent main healer and continue with the nerf train until supports are almost useless. o7


She was reworked, which no one wanted as soon as we saw it on the PTR, and has since then received nerfs for every fun thing about her. AKA gutted.


the part I like the best about these changes is that now using your pistol feels better at times, so you yourself find that number being even lower because you don’t just mindlessly keep the beam on, now you gotta actively protect your teammate by any means and your gun is amazing at giving out that little extra oomph Dmg boost also has more value as it should which is nice

All in all my healing per game diminished but boy am I having fun sniping people with that tiny pistol and people not even realizing I’m not sitting around just in case they get 1 dmg worth of hp lol

If the last fun thing about the pure healer is her SELF DEFENSE pistol then I think theres a problem with the hero.


You keep on thinking, watch out for that pew pew though

She’s going to lose the duel with most hero’s.

she’s not ment to be a dps.

shes not tracer.

that’s why she’s got a heal? I mean if Tracer could keep her teammates health up just like Mercy does I would also complain but alas, that’s not the case

additionally moira’s healing numbers include her selfheal, mercy’s regen doesn’t show up in healing

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Ah ok. I’m talking only about the most recent nerf, which reduced her healing from 60 to 50.

I don’t see why someone would look at a small change and claim she hasn’t been gutted instead of looking at her as a whole. People didn’t say Ana was gutted when her nade nerf came out, no they said it over the entire series of nerfs.

You could argue that the lump sum of her nerfs gutted her if you want, but that’s very clearly not what this topic is about. I was addressing people saying that this nerf in particular has put her in the basement, and showing that that’s not true.

…? Her GA bounce was nerfed and then re added when it was intended from the beginning of her rework, her rez has been nerfed over and over again just for it to be a chore to use while also leaving her a must pick, her ultimate was nerfed by her speed while flying and also her HPS which affects ult as well, her HPS nerf that just came out.

1: SR system for personal based SR performance was removed and it only helped you if you got a 5 man rez, something I got rarely since it was more detrimental.

2: you’re claiming every since mercy ever did the hide and rez when you don’t know this and you’re generalizing everyone together to justify your own stupid mentality that all mercys are boosted.

3: “stupid low skill hero” nice wording.

If I already didn’t stop taking your opinion seriously from the first line I do now.

Also her rework only happened to stop Mercy’s from hiding yet the nerfs only encourage her to do that more.


Childish insults.

More insults.

Insults ……

God thanks we are done with the insults now.


mercy is far from dead

but that’s also not the main complaint i’m seeing.

The complaint is that its the WRONG nerf and they are not addressing the actual issue

The issue is the failed rework that made rez MUCH stronger and more important

which is why they are now reducing power in her base kit that was untouched for the longest time.

The rework made her OP by having an ult as an ability for free every 30 seconds.
Mercy is still stronger then ever. But she still feels weaker then ever. Her fun has been drained. She will still help win matches,but its more and more miserable to do so. You never feel like a hero.


Absolutely agree with you. :expressionless:

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If you want to have an actual discussion on the mercy issue, don’t use ad hominems.
Otherwise, don’t act surprised when your opinion is invalidated because you cannot express it without generalizing a group of people and hurling insults at them.
You’re being the stereotypical mercy hater.


I do hate mercy.
By far, the most controversial hero in the game, the only hero to be nerfed, buffed, reworked so much. For over a calendar year was the ONLY hero that had to always be picked.
A hero which if you didn’t play, it was basically a loss.
A hero which has a cult following by people who are super aggressive towards any changes of said hero.

A group which selectively forgot the past.
A group which believes she’s boring.

Passive aggressive crap.

We’re bored of mercy, we want to play other hero’s.

Stop crying about her, if she’s so bad, stop playing the game, at least that will kill two birds with one stone.

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No? It was removed because it was a bug, and re-added thanks to popular demand.

Which, incidentally, is pretty much the only time I’ve ever seen Blizzard keep a bug in OW just because players wanted it, so consider yourself blessed.