Reporting Real like human "bugs" If you ocenia playing at night you know what im talkign about


Group of 3 with mouse and keyboard . One night they will throw and another night they just widowmaker headshot everyone . It is so bad , that we encounter them every night for last 7 days , at least that what i notice. People from plat got drop down to silver because of them 3 bugs. We report them million time and nothing happen . When i said we it means everybody in game that i come across to in last 7 days.If you play oceania at night that in bronze to plat ranking you are screwww. we all have this bugs and we all pretty much have no point of playing when them around .Reason to play is to have fun but this just push all of us to verge of quitting . 3 people have a great time control 100s of other people game play . broken system here . please get rid off this bugs.


I had trouble making sense of what you were trying to say, but if you’re concerned about people sandbagging/smurfing/etc, you need to use the in-game report tool, not the bug reports forum.