Reporting me for cheating

They have already addressed that Mouse and Keyboard usage is not cheating and should not be reported:

Currently, we cannot do anything about players using input conversion devices to use Mouse and Keyboard on console.

However, we have put serious research and development against this problem and we’re hoping to have a solution to what we consider to be unfair circumstances. This is a priority for us and we’re trying to combat this through technology and policy.

We’ll keep you informed on our progress and any policy changes as soon as they develop.

For now, please avoid reporting this behavior.

The report notification is a response that one of your reports (whether it be for cheating, spa, abusive chat, inactivity, or gameplay sabotage) has had immediate action on a real player. That is not automated in any way. If you are getting them it means your reports are making a positive impact in our community!

That doesn’t say that they don’t consider it cheating or unfair, it says that they are working on being able to have the tools to properly detect it and will update their policy if and when that happens. And that they will one day update us about their progress to that end. They want us to avoid reporting it because right now they can’t actually tell the difference, and they don’t want innocent users punished just because they are good enough to make it seem like they are using one.

So I’m asking for a status update.

Don’t worry about it. I was reported once for cheating by a guy who thought I was just a bit too good.

I was playing Junkrat, booped him in the air with a concussion mine, and was extremely lucky with a grenade hitting him mid air.

So yeah, you have nothing to worry about.

That’s some Orwellian stuff right there

/s only applies to government surveillance lmao

is there some possibility to know how many times (and for what) i got reported?

I got a message once on the psn saying they were going to report me for cheating even though I was not, in the arcade. But I can see how they felt that way. I had been missing all match. And then when they wipe most of my team and prepare for a 6v2, I popped off somehow.

I headshot their Pharah as she was flying through the air, headshot their Mercy, their Soldier 76 ulted and I head shot him too, and then I killed the rip-tire and killed their Junkrat when he tried for the flag with a body shot after the Mei on my team started to kill him as he was running to grab the flag.

Let me tell you something, that was sheer dumb luck. I have never been able to replicate those results. I wish that I was that good because it was an incredible play, but it was sheer dumb luck caused by panic, lmao.


According to Blizzard Customer Service, they don’t reveal how many times you are reported as that would encourage dishonest players to abuse and find ways to circumvent the Code of Conduct.

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i was editing my post to ask that :smiley:

But what about all the false reports? Toxic people are even reporting people for nothing since there is no limit to reporting people and false reporting is not something detected by your Superior Auto Suspend system.

They have already confirmed that actions for Cheating and Abusive chat are not automated. I have a feeling the same is true for Gameplay Sabotage.

You made a couple of threads that have been actioned, and even included said person’s battletag. Again as I said you have indeed created multiple threads about the same “person and subject” that’s harassment.

(You also stated that you have never played with this person. However you only based this on his/her Career profile and win/lose percentage, since you have not been witness first-hand of this person throwing/griefing you should not report him/her for anything)

I suggest you to leave that said player alone, the GMs in the support ticket reviewed your case took action according to the CoC/ToU then moved on and you should too.

Have a good day.

James, I did not mention the person’s name in my last post, and his name got removed by the mods in my original post. If you were in my position, would it not piss you off too that the reporting system is that backward?

And based off your responses to my last thread (and this one) why does it feel like you would prefer to see me punished for reporting clearly bad in-game behavior over seeing justice for said player. Why is that, hmm?

EDIT to your edit:

When I see an offense that is flagrant, I report it - whether it personally affects my games or not. I did this with a youtuber who sexually harrassed a much younger female player in multiple videos, and guess what? NOTHING WAS DONE.

For some odd reason it sounds like you are more concerned with the means by which I make these reports over the actual person who is causing harm in-game (and in this case HUNDREDS OF GAMES), and again that begs the question why? What is your motive? Is it really to preserve the integrity of the forum posting guidelines?

Let’s please not get off-topic here. So I’ll be short and concise, I was just trying to help you out, same as I did in the WoW-PTR forums helping Hortus along with the user Kaydeethree. I do not know who the person you are talking is, nor I remember the name you posted. But I do report toxic behavior both in-game and on the forums probably more than you do, considering I play and read forums a lot.

Let’s leave it there and do not take it personally. Have a good day.

Okay my thoughts did veer into the realm of you possibly colluding with the said party. If I was mistaken then I apologize. If you report as you claim you do then that’s good; it just sounded like you were siding with the perpetrator and looking to get me suspended and again if that’s not the case then I can admit being wrong.

In all likelihood I will most likely never encounter the player I’ve mentioned in the game itself (but it still makes me boil that so many others are adversely affected by him while he masquerades as a good OW citizen). I just wish there was a more honest and complete reporting system.

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I got reported for playing Ana in Quick Play. Yet, whenever I Nano-Boosted our Zarya, she would just sit there and T-Bag.

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It also depends on what the devs consider cheating and if they CHOOSE not to act on it then by that logic it is not cheating so there would be little to nothing Microsoft and sony can do about it. Do any destiny players remember the infinite Shadowshot glitch in D1 that delayed Trials of Osiris but not Iron Banner (guess what was abused maliciously and guess what subclass was reported a lot even if they didn’t use the glitch and guess which one I always use on hunters), or the infinite Nova Bomb glitch in D2’s mayhem? To my knowledge Bungie did nothing but patch the glitch and if the lack of “thank you for making xbox a better place” messages are anything to go by Microsoft chose to do nothing against cheaters as well.

good. I was playing reaper in ffa and wiped everyone but someone called me hacker because I just had the best aim. Idk how but aim hack with reaper is just stupid

That sucks and I’m sorry. This is why I think a replay system will be so integral. 1) For the obvious: reviewing matches to employ strategy, but 2) more indirectly: it will give players the ability to spot cheating/throwing behavior that can be timestamped and sent as a replay file (hopefully lighter than a video clip) to the department that reviews these kinds of cases.

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I don’t think he never heard of “Being good at the game” it’s that or he just really sucks at Overwatch

try aimbot as junkrat, there is no point when ALL your shots will be where they WERE not where they’re GOING