Reporting bug in overwatch 2 competitive mode

When i started playing competitive i got placed in silver 5 i de ranked to bronze 1 re ranked back to silver 5. Then to silver 4 and i had won 6 matches i played my 7th and won. Ofc i should have been ranked to silver 3 but instead it de ranked me all the way to bronze1. Has this happened to anyone else.?

Hello, I have almost the same problem as you, already first bug:
During my ranking games there were a lot of victories that were not counted, like I go up to 5 wins, and for my next win, I go down to 3.
Then I was ranked Silver 5. I went up to Gold 4, I start a game to continue my series of wins, and I win the game, and suddenly I see that I already have 6 wins, and when I win another one they put me bronze 1, knowing that a guy I know had the same problem, every time he connects he has a different rank … basically I tryhard for nothing, I made Silver 5, then 4 then 2 then Gold 5 then gold 4 and suddenly bronze 1

A friend of mine is worse, he was gold 2, he decorates himself, he goes to sleep, he gets up, he starts the game, and presto, he is Silver 4?

and it happens to me too, like when i click for career, i see i’m bronze 1, then i exit and i come back i’m glod 4.

PS4, and my friend is PS5

I’ve just experienced something similiar. I played yesterday, finished playing in silver 4. Got up today, played until I got 7 wins, but instead of promoting me from silver 4 it showed as if I were bronze 4 and ranked me up to bronze 1.

Yep happened to me again just now went gold 5 to onlu derank to silver 5 and rank up to silver 1 in dps this is bs.

Moi aussi je rencontre ce problème je suis actuellement à 21 Victoire pour 9 défaite mais je suis actuellement bloqué Bronze 5 et c’est très embêtant

It’s with extreme disappointment, that I write this reply concerning the same issue I am having regarding this Competitive ranking bug.
I’ve been playing Overwatch for a while now and I’ve seen regular bugs but, not as concerning as this one. While playing competitive, I was placed in Silver 1 (2 days ago) and for my displeasure, I played and won 7 games; and was placed in Bronze 1. I would like to have this issue resolved as fast as possible because, I have fought very hard to achieve my medals and ranks. I am very much aware that this is a bug forum and my report might never be seen. Therefore, if this issue is not resolved, I’ll stop waisting my time playing this game. I mean, what’s the point on playing a game that its own creator Blizzard #competitive-discussion #bug-report #technical-support #ptr-feedback doesn’t even care about fixing and resolving it for us, pointless right?