Reporting a battle Mercy isn’t a false report


I have already clarified that the statements I have made are correct, and I have nothing further to add to that at this time


clarification: I know no such thing.

I ask that thoughts that I do not express or believe in not be attributed to me


You do know such a thing because I have previously told you specifically about it. I will provide the definition again just to reiterate.


Once again, that is the definition. You have no excuse for not knowing it by this point.


I have already clarified that the statements You have made are incorrect, and I have nothing further to add to that at this time


I mean… if you’re playing a healer and acting like a DPS. You know that a healer isn’t built for it. Otherwise they’d be in a DPS slot. So by refusing to heal, you ARE making plays with the general intention of losing. If you wanted to DPS, you’d be queuing for DPS.


For a player to be reported for Gameplay Sabotage, they must intentionally be trying to disrupt and harass their teammates or actively trying to lose.


You heard it here first folks. You can only report a person if they openly say they are throwing.


I ask again that statements of what i know not be attributed to me


If I provide you with information then you know it, unless you have the memory of a goldfish then you knew that information.


Actually this was established when the reporting system was introduced.


Lol, you’re still debating dodo?

They won’t ever change their mind about something once they set on it. It’s pointless.


I’m down with that. Here’s my advice on reporting throwers. First, some ground rules. Playing badly is not gameplay sabotage, but playing badly with the intent of sabotaging the match is.

So how do we tell the difference? (besides the obvious cases where the thrower taunts us in chat).

To my mind, it’s fairly simple. 99% of Actual throwers WANT you to know that they are throwing. They are not subtle about it; they are trying to make a point. They WANT you to NOTICE that they are throwing and revel in the feeling of helplessness that they are creating in you and your team. They are actively taunting you with their actions.

I think that a full-on 100% Battle Mercy qualifies. That person is making a clear statement of ‘eff you guys’ to their team, and I don’t in any way think that some kind of legaleezing of Blizzard policy should make them feel protected from being reported.

The flip side is this, though. Seriously, guys, don’t report for just dumb gameplay. Rule of thumb, if it isn’t obvious and flagrant, it is REALLY UNLIKELY that it is intentional. Don’t report unless you are certain the person actively wants to be reported.


You’re right. It’s a hopeless case.


That seems fair. The argument just seems to have shifted into the semantics of one giving the Mercy the benefit of the doubt just because they never openly said they were throwing. Then somehow having a mic vs not having a mic and being in chat came into play.


I already gave up a long time ago. Even when you give facts and reasoning, they wouldn’t budge. Don’t bother to try is the best choice.


You would be wrong… I don’t play DPS…


Yes, you have. You’ve been a troll the entire topic, hence why you’ve been getting flagged


Best way to get dodo to run away:

  1. point out the fact what they say is irrelevant.
  2. ask them to name one single problem with qpc that isn’t it might not be available 247


Of course its throwing, its like playing Genji and not using Dragonblade on purpose or playing Soldier without single use of helix rockets on purpose.

There is literally no reason to do that so its throwing.


And Scott Mercer’s post is the same: It doesn’t say what criteria are a must to determine intent.

All he gives are a couple of examples and counter-examples.

For everything else the reporter must use their judgement to determine whether the player was throwing deliberately or not.