Report system flaw


if you look uop the definition of the term, there are multiple synomyms. Pick one that doesn;t ACCURATELY describe the people we talk about here on the forums.

fool, halfwit, nincompoop, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, simpleton, clod. All terms that mean someone of lesser intelligence. That intelligence IN CONTEXT pertaining to someones lack of game sense, lack of hero ability.

Questioning someones intelligence during an intelligent conversation is not abusive. Questioning your logic and using witty retorts is not abusive. I was on a debate team in high school.

Mind you, far more abusive words exist. Turning your nose up at simple terms that do not even straddle the fence between banter and abuse and are not directly abusive unless used in such a fashion that is clearly an attack on someone directly rather than it pertaining to the conversation you are having about the game. I harshly disagree with Blizzards stance on what “abusive chat” is because they have left it ENTIRELY up to the community at large to decide what that is and if enough people report someone for something they and few others assume is abusive then Blizzard, fearing they will lose customers when that is ALREADY the case, will only be agreeing with the majority of nincompoops with silly beliefs because they don’t want to lighten their pockets for banning everyone who has ever used racist langauge, bigotry and other forms of REAL abusive language.

This AGAIN is what Blizzard refuses to openly define in the CoC.

If people don’t have the ability to “sweat the small stuff” and don’t care about the big stuff then what we have is anarchy, not peace.

Stop making MOUNTAINS out of Molehills bub.


Well, keep getting muted/suspended/banned until you understand the correlation between you calling people names and you getting muted/suspended/banned. Have fun!


Well, keep making spam posts and making personal attacks that ammount to what is considered mini modding and telling people that what they are doing is against the rules because that is also a conduct issue dude. it is not your place to tell anyone who will get suspended or banned regardless of what the CoC actually says, or what I believe is or isn’t abuse (even if I, as an adult, know that I am right regardless of what Blizzard panders to)

So you take THAT into consideration.



He doesn’t stop. I have taken a look at all of his threads and posts and its comparable to a shopping list where ever single item is “claiming he is right and everyone else in the thread is wrong” (even picking fault with people who are trying to agree with him). He’s just a troll. I suggest either continuing to bait him (like I do), or just ignoring the constant droning of a profoundly ignorant, selfish, and toxic human being.


So you admit you are baiting/flaming? You realize that is also trolling and a a forum offense??

GG for that Hypocrisy.


Difference is I am not banned, muted, or angry.

Thanks for playing.


Actually you will eventually be banned from the forum when your admitted conduct is crystal clear and purposely antagonistic for no reason other than to troll someone and bait them.

Having a heated argument with someone who lacks the common sense to see where they are wrong when someone like me throws a mountain of evidence and facts at them and they still use fallacies, of course things get heated. not abusive in the least when people like you and Myyssbit are purposely flaming someone.


Every comment I made, bar the last two in which I baited you to prove my point, have brought forward evidence and a well reasoned argument which you have promptly ignored. Claiming something lacks context or evidence because you don’t understand the context or evidence isn’t a logical argument, it’s a fallacy.

You’re going around cherry picking everyone else, and then cry foul when people cherry pick you.

I struggle to see more than two people, other than yourself, in this entire thread who even remotely agrees with you. When popular opinion isn’t on your side, Blizzard wont change make any changes. Heck, even when your opinion is the popular held opinion Blizzard doesn’t make changes sometimes.

Finally, if you’re not banned yet, I like my chances.


Fruit of the Poisonous tree.

Contect does matter when you present the “evidence” inn the manner you did by cherry picking words and/or phrases and hide 90% of the rest of the comments which makes it far less likely that most other people will read them only to “prove” something that does not exist unless you have the same mindset that you and maybe 10 other people have. This sort of act completely negates any level of legitimacy you may have had if it wasn’t presented in such a loathsome and underhanded way.

Nice try but, you haven’t proven much of anything.

have a wonderful evening troll.


You remember your last post where you called me out for not talking about the subject matter?

Did any of what was just said relate to the argument at hand? It was you putting down my reasonable suggestion that not enough people care for Blizzard to do anything. Putting it down, while not adding any evidence, or argument that has any basis in logic or validity.

You’re off-topic. You’re blatantly flaming me. You’re ignoring all the point’s you can’t argue against saying they are illogical and offering no evidence to the contrary or facts to support it. You’re being rude to people. You’re cherry picking, and accusing people of cherry picking at the same time. You’re being toxic. All while being banned for abusive chat. You are abusively chatting to people who are telling you a system that banned you for your abusive chat works fine, because it managed to ban you.

All that in a thread that you claim to be erroneously accused of being toxic and rude. Saying that “Blizz is targeting me”, or “people are bullying me on the internet”, or even “this system doesn’t work” while perpetrating the exact behaviour you were banned for is proof that the system does work in game. It’s a shame it doesn’t work faster in keeping your self-centered vitriol from the forums.

My argument is simple. The system works, because it banned you for abusive chat. Now you’re here on the forums abusively chatting because of your abusive chat ban. You effectively proved yourself wrong.

G’day mate.


“It was you putting down my reasonable suggestion that not enough people care for Blizzard to do anything. Putting it down without adding any evidence, or argument that has any basis in logic or validity.”

That’s because what you call a “reasonable suggestion” is completely negated by anecdotal evident, and the experiences that have been shared on these forums for the past 2 years.

Your “argument” is based on assumptions and opinions and not video/photo evidence that can easily be found on YouTube.

This is what I like to call a “lynch mob” system. The public sees one instance of something and jumps to a conclusion. That premature conclusion is the catalyst for more assumptions, and then further conclusions are draw from those assumptions and are based on VERY limited evidence or testimony (like the questionable testimony of one person).

Basically, this is a system that hinges upon massive amounts of reports versus the validity of reports. And that is not a fir system especially when Blizzard has made the CoC so VAGUE that literally anything can be offensive or “disruptive” to someone regardless of it actually being a direct violation of the rules.

Asmongold PROVED this in a video when this system was first implemented in WoW back in Warlords of Draenor!!!.

Here you go. Proof POSITIVE that the system IS EXPLOITABLE AND ABUSABLE!!

Asmongold did an experiment. he brought 40 people into a reid group and they traveled to his Garrison in Draenor. He typed into chat in all caps “HELLO! MY NAME IS ASMONGOLD AND I LOVE WORLD OF WARCRAFT!” And had the ENTIRE group report him for abusive language. He waited 5 minutes…and logged off. When he logged back in…GUESS…WHAT…HAPPENED??? he got an abusive chat silence for 24 hours EVEN THOUGH HE SAID NOTHING WRONG! HE DID NOT SPAM!! USED NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE!! NO INVESTIGATION!!

Watch it and see how wrong you really are.
Replace underscores with periods and close gap at slashes.
Have fun.

https:// www_youtube_com/results?search_query=asmongold+warlords+of+draenor+abusive+chat+ban


Yes they do.

In the eyes of the majority:
Playing what you want = Poor teamwork
Suggesting a hero swap = toxic/harassment
Playing a hero you have little to no time on = gameplay sabotage


I can tell you that it works.

I was on my dps alt account, I got into a game with a 3 stack, I played Torb cause I feel like he can be more effective at that rank. I was trashtalked, etc. I avoided them, probably they did the same. Played against them and lost, they kept talking trash, etc.

Logged in a few days later, reports come through, there was only one guy who did it constantly, the others said fewer things. So that one guy got banned for sure.

So in my opinion you just have to report the right person for the right crime. I got some boosters banned on my main as well (4.2k dropped to diamond).

There’s probably more to the reporting system than just the amount of reports, because I’ve counted 0 people calling out boosting stacks which are common at my rank.

They might do like text message analysis, analyze your rating change. Because I don’t think boosters get enough reports, maybe that one guy trashtalking me was stupid enough to keep on going.


And you realize that you will never know exactly who got a suspension/ban because blizzard will never tell you who was actioned or what for. So your entire reply is based on your assumption.

Yeah, maybe you reported them for something, but maybe they did something else and also got reported.

Now, I don’t know for sure if the report system is designed to send you that notification when someone got banned/suspended/silenced fore what you reported them for, OR if they just got actioned and you recieved a 'Thank You" because you participated in a report againstr that person.

For example. Lets say someone got reported for abusive chat but there werent enough reports to reach the threshold for the automated action for THAT specific violation, but that player did reach the threshold for say “sabotage”. Did the system send you that notification “Thank You” just because you made a report and then he got banned for something else??

Anyway, point being, you could have reported someone for something else 3 days or a week earlier and that could be who got banned/suspended.

So since you do not possess that information you cannot say that it works properly.

But when situations like THIS ^^^ prove that it is ABUSABLE…I tend to believe actual evidence rather than your assumptions or other peoples false accusations. because that does happen, and people abuse the report system just for the sake of restricting someones enjoyment of the game.

Asmongold proved that the automated report system is entirely subjective and the community should NOT have that kind of control because of how easily abusable the system is when the community is allowed to decide what is abusive and what is not.

'What is offensive to one person may not be offensive to another person." There is a LOT of grey area and that is made abundantly clear by Blizzards working of the CoC, which reads "Anything thecommunity deems toxic or disruptive

For example: There was one match a few weeks ago where our random group of solo queuers had such SYNERGY…that we didnt even have to make callouts because we were all aware of our surroundings and steamrolling the enemy.

While the match ws going, we wqere having a completely unrelated conversation about KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN…and how some fast foods compare to restaurant style foods!!! There was ONE person in the entire team didn’t want to listen to us talk about fried chicken because he was VEGETARIAN! H was offended by our conversation!! Now, what if the majority of the group felt the same way?? What if that guy was in a 4 stack of his vegetarian friends??? They could easily gang up on me and report me for abusive or disruptive chat simply because they DEEM ME as disruptive or they see my opinion on tastey meat as offensive to their beliefs.

See why that creates a problem??? When there is no CLEAR CUT definition of what is abusive, or what IS sabotage, the community at large just needs enough people to believe the same nonsense, and someone can get falsely banned/suspended, because they are NOT obligated to write anything in the text box!!. Period!!

That text box should have a MINIMUM number of characters for report submission just like the forum does to prevent people from making spam posts!!


I know exactly who got banned because I barely use the report function for anything other than boosting, text chat is mostly silent, voice chat same story there’s not much I can report players for. Blatant throwing is very rare, like 1/200 games. Soft throwing is much more common but it’s also very hard to prove especially with private profiles.

Boosters are almost always silent so it’s unlikely that they would get banned for that, rather some players realize that they are not at their appropriate rank either by checking their profile if it’s not private or feel like they are cheating/smurfing.

The Asmongold clip only proves that the reporting system can make decisions based on statistics, because those guys were breaking rules, therefore banned for the right reason.

Anything that is on the borderline of computation and proprietary human made rules will have some error. Even with manual labor there will be errors due to inconsistencies between game masters.

Rocket League has some things that make the text input more pronounced, you can highlight where abusive chat happened. Then the suspended player gets that message in the suspension reason, there’s also automated highlighting which focuses on the bad words. (There were some ‘funny’ suspensions where the system screwed up but these were fixed on the next day)


For all we know, getting a notification could just as well mean the other guy
got a notification saying ”you’ve been naughty, Please behave”


If theres enough people reporting you for being a nuisance to get a punishment, youre being a nuisance.


That’s the stupidest criteria for applying an automated punishment.

That’s like arresting someone just because people disagree with your religion, your food choices, your morals and personal beliefs. Its simply outragious.

Being a nuisance is completely subjective and depends on who you are interacting with. Anyone who thinks this is true needs a reality check.



As this topic has devolved into infighting and is largely a complaint about specific account disciplinary actions. As such, we’re closing it down.