Report Option for Toxic Behavior


With recently released Update on the PTR, Blizzard also changed the Report screen. Particulary this:

Poor Teamwork was literally the only section a report for someone being extremely toxic towards their team could be filed under. And seeing how this game can be… (or more likely is at the moment) Toxic behavior should not be an offense hovering in a grey zone since you can’t really report someone for throwing, griefing, etc if they constantly sh*ttalk their team, or a specific teammate of theirs… or hell … extensive toxicity towards ANY player in the game.

With Poor Teamwork gone I feel like we’d need another category Toxicitiy falls under… or even better one that is solely for that…
Sure… it won’t fix the Toxicity Problem in Overwatch… but it’d make a stand that Toxicity in specific (not in a way that it just vanishes in between the rest) is not wanted in Overwatch.


If they’re insulting people, report them for Abusive Language.

If they’re throwing, report them for Gameplay Sabotage.

“Toxicity” is a catchall that covers a variety of behaviors that are covered by other reporting options that are still going to be in place.


Right, outside of that, toxic is to vague, and to subjective.