Replays: What's the key for show/hide controls? "N" doesn't work


Keyboard Shortcuts

N: Show/hide controls

A complete list of shortcuts can be found by pressing Esc and selecting Options > Controls > Spectate .

What is the key for show/hide controls?

The article says it’s “N”, but that doesn’t work. I have reassigned a lot of my keys to something else, so this is probably why “N” doesn’t work.

But how do I fix this?

Looking under options>controls>spectate I can’t find a menu entry for show/hide controls that I could assign a key to, be it “N” or any other key.

edit: I figured out the problem.

I had bound N to “spectate > move up” originally.
But this fcked the “show/hide controls” action because it also wanted to use the N key, but couldn’t.
What’s worse: There’s no keybind option for “show/hide controls”, so you can’t even assign it to N again, or any other key. Even deleting the conflicting keybind won’t fix “show/hide cotrols”.
Only solution so far: restore all controls to default, but this will kill all your custom keybinds and crosshairs.

"Show/hide replay controls = N": unfixable keybind conflict

If N is not working you likely have some other keybinding that may be interfering. Inspect your entire list to see if N is being used for any non-control function (such as entering a menu or the likes).


Thanks a lot, I figured out what happened after your suggestion:

  1. First I inspected my entire keybind list and got rid of all “N” bindings. (Which were “jump” and “endorse” players on the “all heroes” page, and a bunch of hero-specific pages.) Then I restarted my client and played another game, just to make sure, but: still no luck. “Show/hide controls” with N didn’t work.

  2. Next I restored all controls to default with the appropriate button. I have literally reassigned every key and every reticle for every hero, so that was very painful, but oh well, it’s the PTR.
    Now “show/hide controls” with N worked again, but literally all my controls were f** up.

  3. After manually restoring a bunch of controls, I noticed what went wrong:

  • Having assigned “jump” and “endorse players” to N is fine and doesn’t interfere with the replay controls menu.
  • However I also assigned “spectate>move up” to N, since this is my normal jump key.
    But this broke the “show/hide controls” button, because now instead of showing the menu, the spectator camera went up by pressing N.
  • In the next step I deleted the “spectate>move up: N” assignment.
    However the “show/hide controls” thing remained broken.

So, bottom line, the problem is this:
"Show/hide controls: N" is a hidden item. You can’t assign this action to any other key via the keybinds menu.
BUT you can assign the N key to other spectator actions (“spectator>move up” in my case).
This breaks the “show/hide controls” action completely though. You can’t use it any more because it doesn’t have a key assigned to it. (And btw: when starting the replay there also isn’t a “press … to show controls” popup menu at the lower screen border. The menu doesn’t show up at all in this case.)
However, even if you delete the “spectator>move up: N” key binding again, the “show/hide controls” thing stays fcked.
And there’s no other possibility to un-fck your “show/hide controls” thing other than pressing “restore defaults”. But this is very painful for people who made a bunch of custom keybinds and crosshairs for every hero.

Proposed solutions:

  1. Let the players reassign the “show/hide controls” action in the keybind options.
  2. When this goes live, let the game check beforehand if you have bound the N key to any other spectator action. (Normal actions like “jump” and “endorse player” are fine, but spectator actions like “move up” are not.)
    If it is, give an error message: “Yo player, there’s a keybind conflict with the new spectator thing”.


I have this same problem(on live game). N key does nothing and I cannot rebind to show controls.