Replay viewer for OWL broken

While trying to watch a replay in the OWL replay viewer…the map selection UI will NEVER go away once the match starts.

I am not sure how to fix it. It covers most of the screen making it mostly useless.


I have the same issue. Really annoying, I want to watch OWL games while eating my ice cream sandwich.


Hey there, we’re aware of the bug on the replay viewer, sorry for this issue. We’re working on an updated build for the upcoming games, unfortunately we’re unable to make the fix for games that were already played.

The new version will be released later this week as we lead up to the games for this coming weekend.

Cheers and apologies again for the bug.


We finally get to see some Mercy play that isn’t in a pharah pocket context, and can’t even watch it back. YAY.

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bump to this, really annoying trying to watch pro POV but this bug pops up. i don’t even know how this bug is possible or how it wasn’t spotted immediately.


Any updates? I was hoping to be able to use the replay viewer to go over strats for our Tespa match today…still bugged

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