Replay Sharing Feedback

Is it possible to make a feature in which you can export clips from the replay viewer?

What about another replay feature?

Export the file to storage and open the replay at any time via the game client, also without any limits / patch compatibility. It would be great.

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I’m glad to see changes happening to replay! I still experience one annoying problem with replay. If I want to watch a replay from the perspective of the red team, I would like to swap the colors, including shield colors. (The red team (attackers) will be in blue, and blue team (defenders) will be in red). You can swap colors with the colorblind option, but, unfortunately, this doesn’t affect shield colors.

I think the ability to swap whole team colors in replay would be really useful.

I would love to use the feature, but mine gets stuck on entering game. I have logged out and back in, i have changed regions, i have tried codes from different people, ive even tried it in the PTR. i cannot enter a game from a shared replay code.

this is an excellent feature, please advise what could be wrong.

Can I watch replays from different platforms if I have the code? Like can I watch an xbox replay on pc?

It would be really nice to be able to export clips from the replay viewer. Would something like this be difficult to implement?

When someone thinks someone is manually handling complaints in game


This is very true! I thought it was there for reporting hackers and sent a report for an aimbotter with it. I also reported the player through the normal system, but good to know that reporting replays is only for custom games.

I like all the updates for sure. They’re super nice!

Hopefully we can get the ability to download straight from the game, just like the highlights… eventually!