Replay Sharing Feedback

Hey everyone!

Since the introduction of the replay system, players have consistently asked for the ability to share those replays. We’re excited to bring that functionality to you!

A replay is shared via an alphanumeric code typically 6 characters long. The code can be shared however you want : in game, on forums, over social media. Another player can input that code and watch your replay. Codes are valid until the next patch.

We have also made some improvements to the replay system.

  • You can pin up to 10 replays to keep until the next patch. You can unpin a replay to make room for a different replay.
  • We track your 10 most recently imported replay codes. This allows you to watch the same imported replay again without retyping the code.
  • There is a new note field for each replay entry. Add descriptions or notes for yourself.

We eagerly await your feedback on this feature. Leave any you may have below!



pog, very nice update


Ayy! Very nice! Got to test it

I like this update a lot, but i cant try it out on PTR because no one is there.
Could we have Vs A.I. enabled please?


I’m very glad too see more feedback threads in general!

I hope these become used more and more.

add a “delete replay” button, please


Hi, the option where you can report what is that useful for? if I encounter a rage hacker could I report the replay and say X person is cheating?

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Hey Josh, thanks for the update.

This is one of the best I’ve ever seen because we will be able to coach friends or send replays to be coached by other friends in heroes or maps we dont have that much knowledge or effectiveness.

The only “bad thing” I see here is not being able to save it to a local file.
Would it be possible in the future? Like those classic .dem files for Quake3 or CS:GO where you can download a XX MB file and store + run in our PCs?
Also, would it be possible to include the chat log from the match? to see when someone asked for healing etc.

I guess the game version is the most limiting feature here, since changing game version would “screw” the demo/replay.


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Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding chat logs - In order to respect players’ privacy and observe related policies, we do not include these in replays.

Your instincts are good about the version number and how this would affect the replay, so code sharing should be functionally similar!



We recommend continuing to use the standard in-game report features for best results when reporting a player. If a particular replay would serve as evidence, you can feel free to include the replay code in your report.

Reporting a replay itself should primarily be used in cases of vulgarity or other inappropriate content in a custom game.


Appreciate this thread a lot, as the Replay Tool is my favorite feature within Overwatch so far! To give you an idea I made these using the third-person camera:

So one of my biggest burning questions is: would you guys be willing (or have planned already) to allow players to change the green and red association of teams? So, not by using the color-blind options that already exist, but where if I’m on Team 2, I can switch my team to have the blue/green effects and Team 1 would conversely have the red effects?


Just wondering but is it possible that when you do share a replay it can be view across all platforms like Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC or can it only be shared on that particular platform only since it does use the whole code feature just like the Workshop which it can be shared across all platforms?


As constructive feedback, I think it will be important to make sure there is a written reminder in the Report Replay dialog to specifically state its only for vulgar content. Right now the only thing that shows is just the code field to report that code without any real instructions. That or make sure the report code only works for a game that took place in Custom Games. Otherwise, I feel this report replay feature is going to be used for the wrong reasons making it difficult for the Blizzard Customer Service team and Global Insights team to filter out false, inaccurate, and/or inappropriate reports.

This is just my outside perspective of the whole thing. For as far as I know you guys got things like this well in hand. I could go a long way into expressing ideas of refining the reporting tools for overall, but I think that is feedback for a different topic sometime. Thanks for hearing me out.

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What is the video quality if you decide to save the game file externally?

Hey Kierkegaard, there is no embedded video export options for full-fledged replays at this time. You can share the import code so that a different person can log onto Overwatch and watch the replay from their game client.

As always you can record and export gameplay from the replays to video by using software such as GeForce Experience Shadowplay (for NVidia GTX/RTX graphic card owners), ReLive (for AMD Radeon Graphic Card owners), or Open Broadcasting Software (a free streaming recording software that is available).

Some idea’s i have:
Instead of the three buttons could we have the pin icon’s faded for non pinned and solid for pinned?
Then have the pin icon clickable to enable or disable with “Pin” showing when hovering over the icon like when you hover over your profile on the top right.
Same thing can be applied to the share icon.
Double clicking a replay to view it i feel is normal and straight forward at this point.

A behaviour that is odd is that the game goes to the main menu after a replay rather than back to the replay list, can this be changed?

Last thing: can we have the option to delete replays?

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Very noice :ok_hand:

Very good feature, but one thing would be even better. Right now we cant watch replay while in a group, but when watching a replay, we can join a group and keep watching. We should be allowed to watch replay in group, even queing.


I do really like the idea of sharing replays. It’s going to make showing hackers easier, and showing friends my matches.

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