Replay saved a game I had 49 years ago

Those were awesome times, i used to play Overwatch on an Digital Equipment PDP-11

Pfff… I played overwatch on a abacus in the later stone age

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I remember, that’s when Zarya’s skin came out.

It was very futuristic at the time


I wonder where the wrong timestamp came from.
Are games in which cheating took place invalidated in this way?

no that seams unlikely… well depending on the cheat…
But typically i would think most cheat just mess around with input… it should still be in the normal range…

But there was that guy that hacked the game to pay as PvE characters… in COMP X3

which was awesome btw… and blizzard needs to let us do that in the workshop!
(not awesome that he ruined a comp came but i mean you gotta respect that he showed whats we could have in the workshop potentially…)

I’m referring to this.

nice :slight_smile:
that’s relativly low impact too… thouigh it is a bit of wasted time for everyone involved…

This is intended.

Unix, is a time record. 0 is translated to Thursday, January 1st at midnight. Every single second after that is added on.

2582 weeks ago is jan 1st 1970. And in coding, no time can pass under this number.

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This. Coders recognize that number well, Jan. 1 1970 is the industry standard for “rollover” times, when something is universally shifted back, this is time “0”. Just google it, this is a clear example of bit overflow

the unix epoch is what its called i think


This was my gaming setup:

This is why my sniping game is really strong.


Lucky! In my day, we had to paint our Overwatch on cave walls to play.


I have the same glitch as well… I think everybody does.

omg remember that match you played 49 years ago?
OMG ME TOO :heart_eyes:

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The 70’s …
A lot of young omnics were going to Nepal .
Trippy !

We had 1CP

And it was uphill ---- both ways!

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The OP left that match 49 years ago smh

I have a highlight saved from nearly 500 years ago.

I’ll get back to posting the highlight itself someday when my level three posting abilities are back, if they ever come back.
(I posted the wrong opinion, i learned my lesson)

Seems more like the code for whatever reason could not generate the timestamp and simply wrote 0. I don’t think this would be indicative of any kind of overflow. Unless I’m misinterpreting what you meant here.

Well, when an n-bit number in computing has n bits that are all 1 (for simplicity sake lets pretend the game runs on 4 bits and not 64)

1111 -> increment/overflow -> [1]0000 but because the architecture only allows for 4 bits, the 1 is dropped and returned to zero.

Yes, you could argue that under a 2s-complement binary system it would FIRST go to the negative extreme instead of zero, but on whatever maxed this out and sent it on a loop, the bug could have also incremented all the way to -1 (represented by all 1s in a 2s-comp system) and then overflowed to 0000…

Ah yes. I used to play Overwatch on a vinyl record player. Once I got into trouble because I played comp late at night with high volume and the neighbors thought that the Soviets were coming.


You just discovered the “Digital Epoch” used in computing to count every second from a fixed date, here, let Tom Scott explain:

Basically, OP, are you using a 32 bit version of Windows?