Replay: high mouse sensitivity exposed

I recently watched a bunch of ~2000SR replays with a friend and I found it physically painful to watch some of them from the 1st person perspective of players with high mouse sensitivity. Totally jerky camera rotations.

Some of them were ana players: on one occasion ana couldn’t save a moira who was lifted by Sigma’s ult because one of the shots missed on moira’s left side while the second missed on her right side. That was a stationary target… Imagine what’s going on when people are running/jumping around. :joy:

I wish there was a “camera rotation smoothing” option while observing these players (at least in replays).

It used to smooth out everything; I actually found it kind of annoying, because I knew people weren’t really moving that way. Based on the current PTR patch notes, it’s supposed to still have the smoothing but has been bugged:

Maybe check out a replay on PTR and see whether it looks better for you.

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I know a lot of Anas that have problems hitting stationary targets but will hit a mercy mid flight with a sleepdart. It’s just weird.

I’d like it as a option that I can turn on manually only while spectating certain players from first-person (those with jerky camera movements). In any other case I prefer the original camera movements.

I used to have that problem a lot, because the camera jerks to the side as Ana pulls out the sleep dart pistol, which makes it feel like it’s throwing off my aim. The reticle actually stays on target when the camera moves, but I’d feel like I had to compensate for the movement, so I’d end up missing. It took some getting used to.