Replay can travel anywhere


With the replay system, you are able to break the maps and travel to certain areas that are supposed to be blocked by boundries, you can travel through buildings and get past the map boundries (so you can look at the big machines in Eichanwald, and other map stuff that you shouldn’t see up close)


I don’t see how that would be harmful to anyone’s gameplay lol.


I know it wouldn’t harm gameplay, but I’m pretty sure that this is an unintended bug, since you can’t (or are normally unable to) do this when spectating a custom game which I think uses some of the same mechanics.


it’s actually kind of important that you can do this, because on some maps if you want to get a good overhead view, the skybox is too low so some of the play area will be cut off


And some times you want to move a camera faster than how actual players are moving. It’s like “have to be” instead of “unintended bug”.
When the development team wants to block something, they can do it.