Repairing Blizzard Game issue


So since Ashes patch I feel that my latency in game has increased, Use to have SIM at 3.5 and now I have 9 or 10 at team fights, so I’m just curious how many times do I need to click in Scan and Repair because after the scan finishes it says that its downloading some files, then I restart my pc, and try it again and its the same over and over again. So with one Scan and Repair is enough? I even unistall the game, and try to install it again, and its the same.


I think it’s a bug or something like that.
I could get consistently 120 frames before the patch and now it keeps dropping to 70/80.


I hope it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:, also the input lag (SIM) has increased a bit with this patch.


Same for me. I use to have at 5/6 and now its 10/11.


There are a few tips and tricks I recommend checking out in my performance guide, such as making sure that internal settings of the graphics card are configured correctly: