Hey there,

Since the new patch I’m getting an error message about a rendering device being lost?

I didn’t quite see the message fully as the game closed quickly.

Both times I’ve had this it was on Rialto and unfortunately the 2nd time was ranked…

Any advice appreciated


(Bruce Wilkie) #2

Hello there!

Are you using an AMD graphics card? If so, could you make sure your drivers are updated, or if that’s not possible, try setting “Refraction Quality” to “Low” in the graphics settings and see if that resolves the issue for you?


PTR Bug where the game would stop loading after a certain point persists in Live

Thanks for the response.

Hopefully this is fixed. I thought I had resolved this last night as it seemed to be running stable again (played roughly 5/6 games perfectly fine) and I was playing comp again but I had another CTD and lost another 100SR and a 20 min ban… which I’m rather angry about as this is my best comp seaon in terms of SR yet. I’m just venting though.

Back to the point, yes I am AMD and my driver were ever so slightly out of date, nothing major though. I will report back if I experience any more CTD.

How long should I give it before going back into competative?

I’ve already lost roughly 200SR in total from CTDs and I keep having to grind back up. I don’t want to really play OW unless I know it’s fixed. I’m worried I’m going to get some kind of severe ban.

Thanks again.


I was having this same issue, AMD Radeon graphics card. I had tried everything up to this point (including full reinstall) and was crashing in less than 5 minutes in any mode.

After changing Refraction Quality to Low, I was finally able to play a full game.

Thanks, Bruce!