Rendering Issues

When I was in a comp game and was about to win, my game crashed and I got a loss and was suspended. It said something about rendering and Overwatch will now close. Do you guys know why this would happen?

If you’re using AMD with drivers higher than 17.7.1 you will frequently suffer “render device not found” errors. it’s been happening for almost a year now and Blizz seem unable or un-inclined to fix it (and OW is the only game that has this problem). I have to switch between drivers to play OW and Divinity (which runs like a dog on the 17.7.1 drivers).

If OW is your main thing, or you value your SR, roll back to 17.7.1 while doing comp.

Its honestly dumb that neither blizz nor AMD will fix this. That’s why I made sure to switch to Nvidia when I got my new PC, it’s so much better. Runs 10% faster than the equivalent AMD card, doesn’t overheat, doesn’t get the rendering device error.

Officially, these specific issues were resolved with 17.12.1, there are still one-off instances, but nothing a serious as the older version had.

There can be other reasons for Rendering Device Lost errors and this post details:

While I respect your post, I still get it happen frequently enough to not want to risk my (admittedly terrible) comp SR, with the latest drivers, and I’m getting it on an i7 and Xeon rig.

Then I would encourage you to start a web ticket with Blizzard Support, and share your system files with them so they may be able to help resolve your problem. There can be other reasons that standard troubleshooting does not detail and they will do what they can to help with your specific problem.