Rendering device lost!

Overwatch is crashing every second match I play with Rendering device lost error masage.
Usually. Sometimes I can play for few hours and nothing bad happens.

i7 6700K, GTX1080Ti, 16GB of ram, game is on SSD, Sound Blaster Z, Win10

Things I have tried so far:

  • Drivers and Windows is up to date.
  • disabling background apps like keyboard, mouse apps
  • limiting framerate
  • downclocking gpu and cpu (temps are ok either way)
  • checking windows files for corruption
  • checking game files for corruption
  • excluded game in windows antivirus software.

Any sugestions?

Since there’s a new version of the driver from Sept 20, 2021, I recommend doing a clean install with GeForce Experience. Watchdog errors (what’s showing in your report) can be caused by a lot of different things, but chiefly your drivers.

They can also be caused by new hardware that isn’t compatible, software conflicts, firmware issue with SSD, and system file corruption.

  • I have cleaned graphics driver with DDU and installed those 472.12 driver already.
  • No new hardware installed in many months
  • all ssds I have are on newest firmware
  • no system file corruption found on any disk

The driver date says September 12, 2021, so I don’t think that was successful.

Unfortunately, Rendering Device Lost is a courtesy message, and not a bug with the game itself. It’s there to alert you of a problem with the hardware or driver, instead of the game just disappearing without any reason. How about the MSInfo?

Installed it 3 days ago. Nvidia control panel says it is 472.12.

As I mentioned, the error isn’t coming from a game malfunction, so beyond reinstalling the drivers, the only other advice we can offer is to check for throttle/overheating temperatures (with a program like HWMonitor, not something that shows averages). That’s why I asked about the MSInfo, twice.

Done some stress testing with occt. Max cpu temp 75C and GPU hits 84C max. No throttling detected.
And as I have mentioned lowering cpu and gpu clocks didn’t help.
I play at 1440p, FPS cap at 140, gsync, max settings


The throttle temp for the i7-6700K is 72C and the throttle temp for a GTX 1080 Ti is 84C.

No errors from the Overwatch client are present in that report. Just other apps causing conflicts:

Application Error Nazwa aplikacji powodującej błąd: GalaxyClientService.exe

Application Error Nazwa aplikacji powodującej błąd: lghub_agent.exe

In the future, please make sure to only use public hosting websites. I utilized a VPN to access your link.

  • It was stress test. Usually this cpu runs at 66C like while rendering video.
  • google drive is not public enough?

Anyways. When I have problems with my pc it never is easy to fix.
Yesterday I have played Remedys Control for 6 hours straight. Smooth as butter.

Thanks for you effort.