Rendering device lost

So Overwatch is not working for me. When i start the game it instantly blackscreens and freezes and alt tabbing will only flash the other screens. If i do that one screen that flashes says rendering device lost. I have tried everything i can think of to fix it and nothings worked. Reinstalling the game, drivers and the battle net app did nothing. Pc software is up to date. And underclocking it didnt help either. Any help is appreciated.

Are you using Razer devices?

Yes my keyboard is a razer product … However synapse is up to date and the problem still occurs.

Can you add a DxDiag for troubleshooting?

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I’m trying this [Nvidia driver 445.75] Rendering device lost - #13 by Jambrix now to see if it fixes it

There it is … It was the nvidia sharpening … Thank you guys so much for the help!