Rendering device lost

Keep getting this error. Now im really enjoying that 20hr wait for comp. Ive tried everything. I play many games and overwatch is literally the only game that does anything like this. Im getting kind of fed up with all these errors and things that keep getting me banned… love not being able to play ever. Can someone help me that isnt about over heating or over clocking issues

This is a known issue for RTX GPU’s.

If you are using an RTX graphics card i recommend you reat this article: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #21 by Drakuloth

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Hey supra1,

As XHelperZ mentioned there was an issue between RTX cards, Nvidia drivers, and Overwatch causing these crashes. Our Overwatch team worked with Nvidia engineers and Nvidia released a driver fix that resolved this for the vast majority of RTX users.

After looking at our logs for your crashes it looks like you were using Nvidia driver 432.00. The fix was implemented in driver 436.02. If you want to update to the latest Nvidia driver (which at the time of this post is version 441.20) that should hopefully clear it up for you.

Nvidia Geforce Driver 441.20 - Windows 10 64-bit


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Thank you for the advice after being banned for several seasons this was the best advice ive had so far so i really appreciate it. However im banned again for this whole season because of this issue, im just gonna take a break. Done trying anymore. Ill share this to my other friends who are having the same issue.

Replying so you can add more as requested in your other thread.

I just did the updates yesterday, but still the same freezes. Is there anything else i could try?
It was working perfectly fine, then one day only on overwatch it started freezing or making a sound like ran failure then saying rendering device lost. My comp cannot overheat, ive never touched anything to do with overclocking, ive done all the updates between windows and all hardware and its still happening. Its very frustrating and unfair being banned for every season because of this and ive had to open up several tickets because of it. Except the only way i can even make a ticket is if i go under an unrelated issue because im spending 20+ minutes trying to figure out how to pass the automatic response to another post that is somewhat related but fixed from a different solution.

I’m not sure how this is possible. I suggest trying out HWMonitor, then taking screenshots of the entire Window, and posting on Imgur. Then you can provide the links here for staff, myself, or other members of the community to look over.

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What screenshot? Lol it restarts my computer. Like legit instantly

The game does not have the permission to restart your computer, as that function is reserved for the operating system.

You can open HWMonitor and take screenshots of the window without loading the game. If you can run other games, do that while running it, then take screenshots.