Rendering Device Lost

I’ve seen posts like this come up more frequently all of the sudden, and i haven’t seen any answers to this error. It’s gonna end up causing me to get penalized for leaving games. SOS


We have a known issue’s thread for the RTX series of Nvidia related to this error Here. In your case though you are not utilzing that series of GPU so this would be a General TDR error.

A Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) occurs when the GPU doesn’t respond to the Operating System on time or with an error. The most common reasons for a TDR error the following: Overheating, driver issue, third party conflict, power supply issue or bad state(Hardware issue).

For you I would recommend the following steps:

  1. Undo any system overclocking. Disable or temp uninstall any GPU software related to overclocking.

  2. Try disabling all conflicting software such as Overlays, streaming applications, overclocking software. It’s faster to just disable all applications running in the background following the steps Here.

  3. Clean install of the latest Nvidia Driver. This isn’t about updating the driver but more so making sure it’s not corrupted. You can find your latest driver Here. Once you get to the Install Options select; Custom (Advanced) → Next → Checkmark: Perform a clean installation → Finish the install and restart.

If the issue continues try reaching out to Nvidia Support for any additional troubleshooting. Make sure to provide them a full Msinfo.